Lessons only Mom can give

You know what they say: not everyone is a mom, but everyone has a mom. Yet while a deep love for our maternal figures is a running theme every Mother’s Day, perhaps we do not get to express it enough.

Mothers mold their children in ways that many of us only realize later in life, as we experience the world on our own — away from the nurturing womb. Only then do we learn to appreciate everything our mom, mama, Ina or Nanay gave us.

Today, we share the wisdom gained by some of successful ladies from their own mothers.

Katrina Keng on her mom Tina

Growing up, my mom taught me to always choose kindness. Whatever you’re going through in life, she told me to always fight your battles with kindness. She also taught me empathy and to always understand the perspective and feelings of others and respond in a compassionate manner.

My mom’s unconditional love for our family is the purest form of love that I’ve ever seen in my life. I admire her strength and as the light of the family, I aspire to have the same strength as hers one day.

There are many material gifts that I’ve received from my mom but the one I find the most priceless is time and support she has always been giving me throughout the years.

I would say there’s no specific experience or memory that binds me to my mom but it’s a series of experiences, memories, little things, and everyday life routine that makes my bond with my mom special.

For me, she is an Inspiration.

Photograph Courtesy of Kathryna Yu-Pimentel

Kathryna Yu-Pimentel, owner of Tiong Bahru and Alpina, on her mom Imelda de Guzman Yu

My mother taught me love, courage, patience, kindness and generosity. These are the values that I strive to embody in my daily life. They motivate me to be a better person and to make a positive impact in the world around me. Whether it’s through small acts of kindness or larger acts of generosity, I am constantly looking for ways to show compassion towards others.

I am most proud of my mother’s courage because it reflects the kind of strength that I have. It has been a guiding light for me in times of difficulty, and it has helped me to develop a greater sense of confidence and determination.

My mother gave me a prayer book, and this book has been a source of comfort and strength for me during difficult times. It has helped me stay grounded in my faith and inspired me to live my life with purpose and compassion.

I consider my mother a superwoman because of the profound impact she has had on my life and the lives of those around her. She is a true inspiration, and I am grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for me and for our family.

The experience of giving birth to my child has bonded me to my mother in a way that I never could have anticipated. Through this experience, I gained a new appreciation for the challenging physical, emotional and spiritual journey that motherhood entails. It has deepened my appreciation for the deep bond that exists between a mother and child.

Mother’s Day is special because it celebrates the unconditional love and sacrifices that mothers make in raising their children. It’s also a day that acknowledges the important role that mothers play in shaping the future generation.

I believe effective time management is the key to balancing work and family responsibilities. My advice to working mothers like me is to schedule your work efficiently and set your work hours so you can have quality time to spend with your children.

Photograph Courtesy of Atty. Vaupetroanji Jose Peña

Atty. Vaupetroanji Jose Peña, Senior Associate at DivinaLaw, on her mom Leila Rivera Jose

I learned from my mother to be compassionate and to give everyone the same respect, courtesy and treatment regardless of their status in life.

I am proud that despite the odds, she was able to send herself to school and graduate with a degree in Accountancy. I am even prouder that as a single mom, she was able to send us, her two children, to top universities and finish courses of our choice.

With her hard-earned money, my mom saved up to buy me a second-hand car for my 16th birthday. It meant a lot to me because that gift was a reminder of how mothers will choose their children’s comfort and welfare first over their own needs.

In grade school, my mom would go to our school every day to bring me lunch and extra clothes. She did the same when I was in college. She would travel from Malabon to UP just to bring me extra clothes and food. These memories would always be a constant reminder that in the eyes of our moms, we will always be kids.

For me, she is a Superwoman.

Photographs Courtesy of Atty. Marlene Gonzalez

Atty. Marlene Gonzalez, U.S. immigration lawyer, on her mom Virginia Gonzalez

My mother was a nurse and worked hard at it. One day, a supervisor challenged her performance, but we knew it was based on racial bias. My mother always maintained her integrity and defended herself from the unfair treatment. I helped her write a letter in defense. I practice integrity in my personal life and career. Integrity means taking responsibility for your decisions and actions, being honest and respectful, keeping your promises, and staying engaged with your work. My mother taught me all of these.

I am proudest of her perseverance, hard work and sacrifice as a nurse, which included years of separation because she worked in the US until we could join her, to give me and my siblings the best life possible.

Her love for me was unwavering despite my rebelliousness growing up.

She loved being a nurse and even had a picture of her in a nurse costume when she was four years old. She wanted me to be a nurse.

When I was a little girl, I remember her sewing a dress for me. I watched her using the sewing machine and remember the dress vividly. I have a picture with the dress on. Through the years, she always enjoyed shopping for nice clothes for me often, but it was that dress she made out of her own hands that is most memorable to me because I know she made it with a lot of love.