Lee Min-ho: WHY  The Korean star  prefers solitude over  the limelight

Lee Min-ho is a much-sought-after Korean actor these days, but one who prefers solitude over the limelight.

“I’m uncomfortable with events where attention is all on me,” he said.

Yet the 35-year-old was all smiles as he met his Filipino fans at a fan meet held at the SMX Convention Center on 15 October for the 65th anniversary of SM Development Corporation.

“I think it’s love. When I feel loved like this, I’m thinking about trying to be a better person. I want to appear with a new look. I always get new energy like that,” he said.

Lee Min-ho’s fans, dubbed Minoz, got to know him better during the fan meet’s “Fast Talk” segment. The Boys Over Flowers actor admitted to being a night owl who loves the beach and prefers sleeping over shopping.

“I do look like someone who would live in the city, but I prefer the province,” he added.

Min-ho gamely took the “Never Have I Ever” challenge where he confessed to googling himself on a daily basis. He revealed, “I do it as a routine. I want to see if there are any latest news about me.”

With regard to his diet, Min-ho said he loves meat and would like to try Adobo or Kare-Kare. He also shared that he does not eat before a shoot or an event because his face gets bloated easily.

Minoz prepared a bulletin board filled with messages for the Korean star. A lucky fan invited onstage by Min-ho got the chance to take a selfie with the actor. The fan shared that she recently passed the board exams for medical technicians, and Min-ho was her inspiration.

After watching the fan video project, Min-ho said he was overwhelmed with gratitude. Becoming reflective, he remarked: “If you were to talk about life, you have to go deep. In fact, everyone’s standards for success and their life goals are different. So, if you get too worried and obsessed with those things, you will be unhappy with reality. It depends on the person and their life. Like me, I always try to do my best in a given situation. I don’t have a big goal or dream. Whether you’re a student, an employee or someone with another job, I think you should find a part (of your life) where you are satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment. That’s the best way, at least.”

Among the many K-dramas he has appeared in, Min-ho was particularly praised for his portrayal of enigmatic fish broker Hansu in Pachinko. A second season is set to premiere soon.

“I will continue to create projects that people will remember for years, even decades,” said the Korean star.