Landmark partnership to transform cancer care

Responding to the rising needs of Filipino patients, two healthcare ecosystem leaders with the shared vision of catalyzing impactful changes in cancer care collaborated through a first-of-its-kind network-wide partnership.

Roche (Philippines) Inc. Pharmaceuticals Division general manager Dr. Diana M. Edralin, Roche Philippines Patient Journey Chapter Lead Raymon Cayabyab, Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. president and chief executive officer/ Healthway Medical Network chairman Paolo Borromeo and HMN president and CEO Jimmy Ysmael signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding recently in a ceremony at the soon-to-be-inaugurated 15,000-sqm Cancer Care Hospital in Taguig.

“As we seal our partnership with Roche to be our catalyst for transformative healthcare, we also reaffirm our commitment to providing access to Filipinos to healthcare and to life-saving medicines. With cancer being one of the top causes of morbidity in the country, we are highlighting it as one of the focal points of our Connected Care Circles, HMN’s innovative model of care, which latches on the network’s capability of delivering high-quality and connected healthcare services to patients through a multidisciplinary healthcare team, ensuring coordinated care throughout the patient journey,” said Ysmael.