Laguna reaches new heights with Meadowcrest  


Laguna has always been known for its undying historical and cultural history and for being the home of several natural attractions in the Philippines. However, the serene and quiet province is now poised to become one of the country’s most desirable places to live. 

Apart from the enchanting landscapes, rich culture and undeniable charm, Laguna also houses up-and-coming commercial centers and recreational establishments that capture the attention of future homebuyers. 

Federal Land’s Meadowcrest is fast emerging as Laguna’s prime hub. With its new 48-hectare community development located in the heart of Biñan, Laguna, Meadowcrest redefines luxurious yet intimate living in the South.

The upcoming neighborhood district offers diverse options for residents that will allow them to achieve their dreams and enrich their zest for life through recreational and social facilities, lush and serene landscapes, and a vibrant community like no other. 

The outdoor living room experience is one of Meadowcrest’s most exciting features, as it allows homebuyers to expand their horizons and enjoy living life with maximum comfort. 

Convenience is another appealing feature. Meadowcrest is strategically located near major transport roads, premier institutions, and establishments, allowing future residents to reach their hearts’ desires without being compromised with hour-long traffic.  

Apart from comfort and convenience, future tenants will be satisfied as they are given a top-notch neighborhood district that offers the beauty and charm of Laguna.

Indeed, Federal Land’s Meadowcrest is the next gateway to exciting opportunities.