Kylie Padilla posts a verse on self-love, affirmation

Kylie Padilla posted a verse of affirmation and self-love from the book “Lavender: One Woman’s Journey to Healing. A book of inspirational writing, poems, prayers, and journal entries” by Tiffany Nicole Jackson.

Kylie excerpts this particular entry:

I will start
Filling my own cup,
Being my own muse,
Knowing my own worth,
Loving my own skin,
Praising my own existence,
Validating my own journey,
Speaking my own truth,
Admiring my own reflection,
Enjoying my own company,
Extending my own energy,
Creating my own paradise.

Kylie recently became candid about how hard she tried to keep her marriage for the sake of her children on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”.

The commenters, though, remain fascinated by her beauty and how much she looks like Korean star Han So Hee. Actor Max Collins, on the other hand, comments “Amen” to her verse. Collins is separated from husband Pancho Magno, and has only vaguely alluded to possible reasons why on her social media.