Kathryn Bernardo threatened by Andrea Brillantes?

If there’s someone that Kathryn Bernardo is not likely to work with, or will not let boyfriend Daniel Padilla work with, it is Andrea Brillantes.

That’s the rumor, anyway.

According to a vlogger, Brillantes had secretly met with Padilla a couple of times in the past. True?

Another vlogger unearthed a YouTube video where then 10-year-old Brillantes admitted she had a crush on Padilla and that she chased the actor for a selfie.


Kinilig po ako noon dahil nakaakbay si Kuya Daniel sa akin, tapos kiniss niya ako sa noo” (I was giddy because Kuya Daniel had his arm on my shoulder, and he also kissed me on the forehead), Brillantes said in the video from 2013. 

That same YouTube vlog dished a blind item about a Dashing Personality (DP) whose relationship with Kindred Beauty (KB) is said to be on the verge of collapse. DP allegedly had a special time with Always Bubbly (AB), which KB eventually found out.

Quick-thinking netizens, of course, easily guessed that DP referred to Daniel Padilla, KB to Kathryn Bernardo and  AB to Andrea Brilllantes.

The same Youtube vlog also showed Seth Fedelin, in a Selos o Lagot challenge with his then-GF Brillantes, admitting that he was jealous of  Daniel Padilla.

Meron, meron akong pinagseselosan. Nagseselos ako kasi crush niya si Kuya DJ (There’s one guy I’m jealous of — Daniel Padilla, because she has a crush on him),” Fedelin said.

Brillantes, Padilla and Bernardo have not dignified the issue with any statement, so everything remains a rumor at this point.

Why Eugene Domingo thinks ‘chismosa’ equals ‘malasakit’

With the Takeshi’s Castle reboot now running on Prime Video, viewers can easily relate to the show as there is a character that’s very Pinoy in flavor and in shape — Marites, a resident gossip  played by Eugene Domingo.

Does she believe that Pinoys are by nature chismoso or chismosa?

Naniniwala ako na ang chismosa ay nakatuwaan lang nating term, na para bagang yung chismosa nating kapitbahay na umaga pa lang  nakasilip na sa bintana.  May ganyang tayong side na mga Pinoy. Pero more than that, ang gusto kong sabihin, hindi lang tayo chismosa, meron din tayong malasakit (I believe that ‘chismosa’ is just a term we became fond of, like the ‘chismosa’ neighbor who early in the morning is already peeking into our home. We have that side as Pinoys.  But more than that, what I’d like to say is that we’re not only ‘chismosa’, we also have a sense of sympathy),” said Domingo.

Meron tayong pagmamalasakit kung ano ang nangyayari sa ating mga kapitbahay, sa ating mga kamag-anak, sa ating mga kaibigan kaya nangangamusta: ‘Hoy, ano ang nangyari sa ‘yo?  (“We are concerned about what happens to our neighbors, relatives and friends, which is why we ask after them: ‘Hey, what happened to you?),” Domingo added. 

Thus, for the actress, being a chismosa is a good trait if it comes from a place of care and concern.

Kaya lang nagiging bad trait is kung ‘yung chismis is fake news (It only becomes a bad trait when it peddles fake news),” she stressed, such as when one forms opinions  bereft of truth.

Also in the cast of the new Takeshi’s Castle are Smokey Manaloto, the original host when the popular Japanese game show was first aired in the country in the ‘90s. He returns to the show as a former employee of Takeshi. 

Internet sensation Sassa Gurl is also in the show, playing her bubbly self and making use of her incomparable gift of gab to make fans and followers glued to the program.