Juris Doctor of Law is Mrs. International

Almost quietly and without much fanfare, a Filipina misis and a mother of three, Elaine Mangawang Miyabe, a Juris Doctor of Law and a certified real estate broker, brought home the unique crown, scepter and sash as the winner of the Mrs. International title in the recent “I am Model Classic” pageant held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The DAILY TRIBUNE was honored to interview Elaine who took time to pose for us, giving us an opportunity to behold the latest Filipina to bring our country honor and pride and to prove to us that, indeed, with her svelte figure, poise, natural charm and brilliance, she is the epitome of the world-renowned Filipina grace, pulchritude and courage — this without the aid of any aesthetics procedure. What we saw for ourselves was nature at her Filipina best, including her fine, sun-blessed complexion. Indeed, a brown beauty in all her candor and simplicity.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

DAILY TRIBUNE (DT): Other than being a lawyer, you have achieved success as a real estate broker and developer. Tell us about this aspect of your life.

Elaine Mangawang Miyabe (EMM): As a licensed real estate broker, I concentrate on land developments. I have done low-rise buildings, townhouses, apartments and houses with swimming pools. Of course, I sell real estate properties. My last project was Sakura Spaces, a low-rise building with 43 units of studios and one-bedroom units —  all for lease or rental. DT: How was it like for you during the pandemic?

EMM: I stopped constructing but I continued selling what I had built and, to my amazement, I sold my projects simultaneously. Since then, I have shifted to farm lots and grown plants and vegetables for personal consumption.

DT: What are your civic causes and involvements in civic organizations?

EMM: I have been a Rotary, Lions and Toastmasters member for several decades already. Now, I’m serving as a volunteer usher and collector in the ministry of our San Pedro Apostol parish church in Cainta, Rizal. I have also instituted a scholarship grant for deserving students to be enrolled at the International Peace College in Tanay, Rizal. It offers a variety of courses, studies and opportunities. IPC designed its program for the graduates to have a good family in the future. They have high hopes of building a drug-free nation. IPLC’s goal is to raise students to become global leaders who love God, mankind and their own country. (Anyone interested to become a scholar may email me @[email protected].)

DT: How do you view your role in society?

EMM:  I am the person doing the change. I feel that we must do our part and live our lives for a higher purpose.

DT: What do you love to do outside of your work? What are your passions? 

EMM: I have always been a lover of nature. I have been mountain climbing for two decades already, simultaneously with my pole dancing, hoops, sexy heels, chair dancing, Zumba and whatever comes up. And now, I’m taking ballet lessons.

But on quiet days, like weekends, I do yoga to calm, cleanse my mind and rejuvenate.

I am also a plantita! When I am not found on land, I am at the ocean freediving with turtles, schools of fish, butandings and all wonderful corals and sceneries in the depth of the sea.

DT: What is your beauty secret?

EMM: It won’t be a secret anymore if I tell you (laughs). But perhaps, it is living a clean life. No vices at all. I perform exercises, as I have mentioned earlier, by dancing and hiking to be one with nature. I have simple facials from Facial Care for my face. And believing there is an Almighty who guides and protects me every step of my way. And lastly, seeing the best in every person I meet.

DT: Tell me about your family.

EMM: I was married and I have three grown-ups — two sons and a daughter. The eldest graduated from Syracuse University in New York and is now a financial analyst. My second daughter graduated at Sophia University in Tokyo and is now the founder and chief executive officer of Fakezine. She had just won Best Screenplay in a Cinemalaya movie done here in the Philippines. And my son is serving the military abroad. We are all at different places but our hearts beat as one family. And now, I have two adorable granddaughters!

DT: What would you consider the highlights of your career and professional life?

EMM: I have been tremendously successful in my career. I started working at the age of 16 and managed to tell myself that I would retire at the age of 35 — and I was up to date with that. But offers still come so I just go on with what life has to offer me. I have a beautiful family. I have the house that I want, the cars of my dreams, bank accounts, clothes and whatever I want in life for personal satisfaction and the goodwill of my family. The Good Lord has helped me reach each goal in my life.

And now, I’m a Beauty Queen! What more highlights in life should I ask for? Career-wise and professional life, I am enough.

 DT: What are your current projects?

EMM: I always say that my current project is ME in capital letters. I am always a work in progress. On the serious side, my farm and rice fields have been my on-going projects for two years now. One is in Bulacan, where my flower garden is, and the other is in Antipolo, a rice field. My Bulacan property has fruit-bearing trees and a small hiking and camping ground for people to enjoy being one with nature. Very soon, I will start my land development project in Cebu.

DT: What are your plans for the future?

EMM: To continue to be an exemplary example and inspiration for all our young people and for women of all ages by sharing my gained knowledge and experiences in life, to instill respect for cultural diversity and empower women to take care of their bodies, mental health and financial capabilities.

Now that I am the Mrs. International of the “I Am the Model” search of the Mrs. International Classic 2023, I want to spread the word that pageantry can impact women’s lives for the better as it encourages women to pursue their dreams and inspirations in life.

DT: Whom do you want to thank?

EMM: God, first of all. I also would like to thank Faiz Noh, Double Event Management Malaysia and my mentor Mathew Tan for all these successes I am experiencing now in international pageantry. I am so elated!