Joey de Leon’s ‘lubid’ comment entangles ‘E.A.T’, show apologizes to MTRCB

[Trigger warning: Mention of suicide]

The management of the noontime show E.A.T has apologized over main host controversial Joey De Leon’s “lubid” (rope) punchline during the show’s Gimme5 segment on 23 September.

The game segment required participants to name five things in a given category. During the weekend episode, the category was things that could be worn around the neck.

The participant only had necklace as an answer. But De Leon chimed in and said, “Lubid, lubid, nakakalimutan niyo. Lubid (Rope, rope, you forgot. Rope).”

De Leon’s grisly remark immediately drew flak on social media, with netizens calling him out for his insensitivity and how it would’ve triggered some viewers going through difficult times.

On 27 September, at the Senate finance subcommittee hearing led by Senator Jinggoy Estrada that was discussing the proposed 2024 budget of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, MTRCB chairperson Diorella “Lala” Sotto-Antonio informed the panel that the producers had “voluntarily” submitted an apology letter to the board after the episode.

Lawyer Paul Cases, the chairperson of the MTRCB adjudication board, confirmed that the producers have submitted an apology letter.

“We issued a notice of appearance and they did actually apologize for the statement and they submitted a position paper as well. It is now subject to a resolution, the case is pending,” Cases said.

In the letter, Jeny Ferrer. E.A.T’s head of creatives and production operations, explained what happened during the show’s now-infamous segment.

De Leon’s statement, Ferre said, was conveyed “verbally in a very brief manner without further actions, elaborations or demonstrations. However, some viewers interpreted the utterance of the said object to be an insinuation of suicide, which is a very sensitive and triggering subject.”

“In this regard, the whole E.A.T management is regretful and apologetic to those who were offended by the said utterance. Rest assured that we are one with MTRCB in advocating a responsible viewing experience for the public,” Ferre added.

This is not the first time E.A.T. has gotten entangled in controversy since its debut in July.

On 11 August, the MTRCB summoned Wally Bayola, one of the show’s hosts, for uttering profanity during the Sugod Bahay Mga Kapatid segment the previous day. Bayola immediately apologized on the day the MTRCB called out the show.

The MTRCB said it is currently reviewing complaints made against the show.