JK Labajo lauded for prioritizing baby’s safety in his gig

Alternative rock singer JK Labajo (who uses his full name Juan Karlo Labajo as an actor) earned overflowing admiration with his thoughtful gesture towards a two-month-old baby during his recent gig.

On 23 March, a video posted by Facebook user LifeofEs showed the 23-year-old showbiz idol attending to a baby in the audience.

The post [un-edited] reads: “JK Mas nag worry pa sa 2 months old na Baby kaysa sa sariling magulang ng bata [emoji].”

The post quotes him as saying: ‘Huwag nating i-sacrifice ang kaligtasan ng anak natin kaysa sa panandalian nating kaligayahan.”

In the video that has gone viral, Labajo can be heard addressing the crying baby’s parents, expressing concern about the loud music and coarse language used in his song “Ere.”

He urged the parents: “Two months? Ba’t mo pinaparinig ng ERE ’yung bata? Two months pa lang. Maaga. Huwag (Why are you letting your child listen to ‘Ere’? Just two months old. Too early. Don’t).”

He went on, according to the Instagram post, to ask the baby’s parents: “Wala bang earmuffs si baby? Umiiyak na si baby, o okay lang ba iyan? Umiiyak. Kawawa naman ’yung bata (No earmuffs for the baby? The baby’s already crying, or is it okay? Crying. Poor baby).”

He then explained to the crowd: “So ’yung mga bata, especially mga one-year-old and below, supersensitive pa ’yung mga tenga nila (The kids, especially those one-year-olds and below, they have supersensitive ears).”

Sino ba meron diyang headphones or something? Headphones na di naka-on, something na gano’n (Who among you, guys, have headphones? Headphones that aren’t turned on, something like that).”

Although he is grateful to the crowd, he asserted that a child’s safety should be top priority.

Maraming salamat sa suporta, pero please, alagaan niyo si baby (Thank you very much for the support, but please, take care of your baby),” Labajo is further quoted.

Netizens couldn’t help but admire his compassionate side, with some predicting he is going to be a responsible father one day.

Here are some of the netizens’ un-edited comments:

“He knows better than a real parent altho he’s still single..he’ll be a good father,” one commenter wrote.

Hanga ako sa kanya… di baling mahinto performance niya… basta mabigyang concern niya yong BB… he is a good heart… and he will be a good father im sure…”

The one who has become a granddad just a few months ago is seasoned pop superstar Martin Nievera. He highlighted his new status at his contract renewal with Victor Records, which, in case you don’t know yet, has owned by Viva Communication Inc. (VCI) a few years ago.

One of Vicor’s original owners, Vic del Rosario Jr., the VCI board chairman himself, turned up at the contract renewal to honor Nievera, whose recording career began with Vicor in 1983.

At the contract renewal, Del Rosario sounded out to Nievera the possibility of VCI producing a film top-billed by Nievera and ex-wife Pops Fernandez, with whom he is in good terms. If not a film, then a regular TV show.

Nievera warmed up only to a TV show but “only as a special once in a while.” 

Del Rosario could easily make those offers because VCI also owns Viva Films and Sari-Sari, which produces TV shows thru TV5’s Cignal production company.

Del Rosario seems to know well that if Nievera doesn’t warm up to a proposed engagement, it’s no use pursuing it. The big boss recalled that he offered to produce a concert for Valentine’s Day this year. But by the time he broached it to The Concert King, the singer has already committed to be a guest in Fernandez’s 2024 Valentine show. Del Rosario knew there was nothing that he could ever do for Nievera to back out from his ex-wife’s concert. 

Before Del Rosario turned up at the VCI board room of VCI offices at Tektite Building in Ortigas Center, the selected media people invited had already asked about Nievera doing a film with Fernandez, since no one can remember whatever film they had done in the past.

“I once appeared in a dramatic role, but got so upset when I discovered that viewers laughed during all my dramatic moments,” Nievera confided to the journos (no full-time vloggers were invited).

Someone told him that he and Pops could do a rom-com. Nievera pretended he didn’t know what a rom-com is. So, the conversation shifted to ex-wife Fernandez meeting their first grandchild, the son of their older child Robin Nievera (the other is Ram). The baby boy was born in the US in December 2023, and Nievera happened to be there at that time, so he was able to see the baby named Phineas, nicknamed Finn.

Fernandez met Finn at the time Nievera was signing his contract renewal at Vicor. Son Robin has just sent the pics of his mom carrying his son. It’s something that Nievera was scared to do upon seeing the baby because “para siyang hilaw pa (he’s like still raw), and I was afraid that I might break him.”

Fernandez has declared herself “Lollie” to Finn — not “lola” (grandmother). This prompted Nievera to proclaim himself “Lilo” to Finn. “As in Lilo and Stitch in that Disney film!” quipped the irrepressible singer of 40 fabulous years — with more coming, like grandkids beginning with Finn.

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We’re at the end part of Holy Week 2024 now. We got to observe it musically last Holy Thursday by watching a free concert of appropriate songs at the Philstage Blackbox Theater at the corner of G. Tuazon and Calabash Street in Sampaloc district, Manila.

The theater company is headed by lawyer-thespian-filmmaker Vince Tañada. The 23-year-old group is fresh from staging the musical Bayani’s Love: HERO Z in Luzon provinces. Next month, the company will troop to the Mindanao and Visayas provinces. 

Always busy and dynamic, Tanada’s PSF used their free time creating a concert-style senaculo that was free for the public to watch.