Janella Salvador thanks fans for support after ‘It’s Showtime’ flak


Janella Salvador thanked her fans for their continuous support after receiving backlash for declining to sing during a recent guest appearance on the popular noontime show It’s Showtime.

The actress expressed her gratitude toward her supporters who defended her on X (formerly Twitter).

“Oh wow. I’ve been meaning to explain myself because the last thing I would ever want is to appear rude or disrespectful… and here I am being met with so much love and comfort upon opening this app,” the actress wrote in a tweet posted on 5 April.

“Thank you. It makes me so happy to know that there are many people out there who know my heart and what I stand for,” the actress added. “Hugs of gratitude (from behind).”

Salvador and Thai actor Win Metawin made an appearance together on the noontime show, where they promoted their upcoming film Under Parallel Skies. Additionally, Salvador took the opportunity to promote her 10th anniversary concert, Janella Reimagined.

While talking about her new song “Headtone,” Janella was asked by host Kim Chiu to sing it for the audience. However, Janella declined.

“Medyo paos ako today. Kayo na lang (I’m a bit hoarse today. You go ahead),” Salvador said.

In response, Chiu said: “Pakinggan na lang namin sa Spotify (We will just listen to it on Spotify).”

Later in the show, particularly during the “EXpecially For You” segment, another host, Vice Ganda, referenced Salvador’s words as a joke.

“Medyo paos siya ngayon. Kayo na lang (She is feeling hoarse today. You go ahead),” the comedian said.

Following Salvador’s viral appearance on the noontime show, she got insults and criticisms online.

However, the actress clarified that she has already personally apologized to “someone” that she refused to name in her post.

“And just to be clear, I have personally apologized for unintentionally offending someone but not for setting a valid boundary. If you twist my words that’s on you. I will always be assertive but never disrespectful. If you can’t tell the difference and find something wrong with that, then you’re a people pleaser and again… that’s on you,” the actress wrote.

The Under Parallel Skies actress also warned individuals who were trying to involve her three-year-old son Jude in the ongoing issue: “Don’t you dare try and involve my son.”

Consequently, in an announcement posted on 5 April by the movie’s producer, 28Squared Studios, the 26-year-old actress postponed two mall shows due to a “family emergency.”

It was later on revealed by Salvador’s series of Instagram stories that her son was recovering in the hospital due to an asthma attack.

“Asthma sucks,” the actress wrote, “The past 48 hours have been such a nightmare but I’m positive my brave boy will bounce back stronger than ever in no time.”

“[I] Would have really loved to see you all at the mall shows today. Hope you understand,” she added.