It’s a prank! Marian makes Ivana cry on her birthday

Vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi got the most unforgettable surprise on her birthday — and a once-in-a-lifetime experience from Primetime Queen Marian Rivera herself.

In a YouTube vlog posted by Alawi on 27 December, Alawi was successfully pranked by Rivera. Alawi was seen in tears after she was “scolded” by the latter for being late to their “mukbang” session.

At first, Alawi expressed how she had been a long-time fan girl of Rivera since Marimar. The first few minutes of the vlog went by smoothly, with both of them answering a series of questions made by Alawi’s younger sister, Mona, while eating.

However, the mood shifted when Mona asked if they would ever work together on a film and TV show, casually mentioning that Alawi was late for the vlog despite having earlier said that she would be early for work if given the opportunity to work with Rivera.

That started the prank, when Rivera began asking Alawi non-stop why she was late.

Alam mo bang ayaw na ayaw ko ng late (Did you know that I really hate tardiness),” Rivera said. “Effort effort ako, ‘yung mga anak ko dito naghihintay, tapos ganyan ‘yan?” (I made the effort to be early, making my children wait, while she’s acting like that?)

The “scolding” reduced Ivana to tears. Whereupon Rivera hugged the actress and told her it was all a prank.

It was actually Mona who colluded with Rivera to prank her older sister.

Ganito po kasi yung love language [namin], ‘yung magpaiyak ng isa’t isa (This is really our love language, to make each other cry),” said Mona.

To make the collaborative vlog more special and unforgettable for Alawi, Rivera and her husband Dingdong Dantes brought in a birthday cake.

Hindi ko na malilimutan ‘tong birthday [na ito]! (I will never forget this birthday!),” exclaimed Alawi.

Less than a day since the vlog’s posting, it has garnered over five million views.