Israel’s evening hour

Nothing quite kept the country’s bewigged society from celebrating the night’s big shindig like a debut couture show, layered with deconstructed Filipiniana and well-tailored suits, all singing well-wishes for Israel.

The embassy in Manila celebrated Israel’s 75 years since independence, as well as 65 years of its shared journey with the Philippines, in Manila Hotel’s century ballroom equally steeped in history, drawing an impressive crowd from both sides of the Philippines’ political aisle and a heaping handful of belles of many diplomatic soirees and legendary fundraisers.

Droning lights, flashy music, a few sandwiches short of a picnic were ode to Israel’s cultural import and served as a prelude to Israel ambassador Ilan Fluss’ evening hour:

“Israel is a country that, within 75 years, has become a global leader and a source of knowledge, research and development, innovation and technology,” a value it has been sharing with the Philippines as one of its most valuable partners in the middle east.

Foreign affairs secretary Enrique Manalo: “Our ties are anchored on historic and enduring friendship and shared values of our peoples. Our profound respect for the sanctity of human life and the right to exist in peace and security cement these bonds.”

Think Philippines providing a safe haven for Jews escaping Nazism during World War 2.

The Philippines’ role is also indispensable in the creation of the state of Israel in 1947.

At peacetime, Israel is home to thousands of Filipino workers, including 30,000 caregivers to the elderly.

“Our geopolitical landscape in the middle east is changing, [but] it is reassuring for our country to have a steadfast and reliable partner in Israel, building a strong foundation for our modern relations, particularly in agricultural trade, defense, labor, tourism, environment, counterterrorism,” aside from innovation and technology.