Isabelle Daza raises funds  for abused household helper

(Trigger warning: Physical assault/abuse)


This Filipina actress proved that heroes do not have to wear capes.

Isabelle Daza spearheaded a fundraising campaign for Elvie Vergara, a household helper in Occidental Mindoro who partially lost her eyesight after enduring severe maltreatment from her former employers for three years.

On 8 September, Daza posted a statement on her Instagram to spread awareness about Vergara’s situation: “Elvi[e] Vergara is a domestic helper who has been allegedly physically, mentally, and verbally abused by her employers so much that she has been blinded in both eyes.”

“She is currently going to have an operation in one of her eyes to try to recover her sight — but the outcome is unsure. Her compensation of P5,000 a month (equivalent to approx $87 USD) from her alleged abusive employers have been withheld since they claim she broke their TV,” she continued, adding that the government is doing everything they can to help Vergara gain her compensation and recover from other damages despite the lengthy and tedious process.

Daza concluded in her statement the reason for initiating the fundraising campaign for Vergara.

“I am raising funds for her to be able to live her life free from this abuse without having to worry about what she will eat the next day or if she had enough money to live with basic needs like housing, food and medical assistance,” she wrote.

The funds that will be raised will be used for Vergara’s eye surgery, as well as post-recovery needs.

The 35-year-old TV personality thanked everyone for donating and supporting the campaign.

“To all those who donated, it’s only been 2 days but you guys have really opened your hearts and more importantly your wallets,” her Instagram post read. “Salamat!”

Fellow celebrities and supporters have commended Daza’s initiative, applauding her for using her voice and platform to speak up on important issues and seek justice in her own ways.

As of writing, Daza has exceeded her initial goal by raising over P700,000 for Vergara.

Vergara’s case circulated on social media last month following allegations of physical and emotional abuse conflicted by her employers since 2020. After the viral case, the Senate has begun its motu proprio investigation.

The former employers of Vergara denied all allegations of abuse, claiming that all her injuries were either self-inflicted or afflicted by fighting with her colleagues. They also cited that Vergara’s partial blindness could result from poor hygiene.

Vergara and her family have filed criminal charges against her former employers, including serious physical injuries, illegal detention and violation of Republic Act 10361 or “Batas Kasambahay.”