Investment in learning: SM Foundation once again opens college scholarships

SM Group fosters well-rounded scholars by nurturing both their academic pursuits and overall well-being through inspiring and engaging activities, such as the general assemblies. | PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF SMFI

The SM Foundation, which has made a long-term commitment to empower the Filipino youth, opens its SM College Scholarship application once again, offering a 360-degree support system for deserving students from low-income households. 

SM scholars forge deeper bonds and build enduring connections at their general assembly at the Mall of Asia Complex.

Established by SM Group founder Henry Sy Sr., the education program goes beyond financial assistance. It provides a holistic experience that nurtures dreams, builds valuable skills and fosters a sense of community.

The scholarship program provides full tuition and monthly allowance, easing financial barriers and allowing students to focus on their development and pursue their chosen careers. 

This investment in education helps unlock the potential of students from low-income households and empower them to become the best versions of themselves as they break the intergenerational cycle of poverty within their families. 

The SM College Scholarship extends its support beyond academics, embracing a holistic approach to development. Recognizing the significance of overall growth, SM Foundation provides the scholars with opportunities for personal development through various engagement activities.

The SM Group offers part-time employment opportunities to its scholars to equip them with valuable work experience while contributing to their financial well-being. This initiative fosters a culture of collaboration and imparts essential workplace skills. 

These experiences also foster friendships among the scholars. To complement this, a series of general assemblies, get-togethers and digital groups, thoughtfully designed for the scholars, contribute to a well-rounded student life. This inclusive environment not only encourages meaningful connections but also facilitates mutual learning among the scholars.

The SM College Scholarship not only empowers the youth but also embodies Henry Sy Sr.’s steadfast belief in fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Scholars are given opportunities to actively engage in various community service projects organized by SMFI. This enables them to contribute positively and make a meaningful impact on their communities.

Beyond this, employment opportunities within the SM Group await deserving scholars, allowing them to support their families as they become productive members of the society, empowered to share their skills and knowledge toward nation-building.