Invest on diamonds (but choose wisely)

A pair of fancy-cut cluster earrings had us gushing over the diamond jewelry at Tessera’s pop-up store in Greenbelt 5 recently.

“If you wear it, it looks like a five-carat pair on your ears already,” said Tessera co-founder Papat Aquino-Fider, who, though simply clad in a green tank top, black skirt and strappy sandals, sparkled with diamonds around her neck, wrists and ears.

Fider tells us the clusters were her husband Carl’s design. “We wanted an alternative to the studs. We always get a lot of compliments with this design because it is unique,” she said.

Tessera, the company’s website says, began as a “passion project” of Carl, who started out “selling monogrammed and custom-made diamond necklaces before venturing into the retailing and selling of wholesale diamonds.”

Papat tells DAILY TRIBUNE, “We have the widest range of certified and natural diamonds in the Philippines. When you go to our store in Rockwell Drive, you’ll see a lot of stones that are certified.”

Like gold, natural diamonds never depreciate. Yet while these are appreciated for their aesthetic value, those who see these stones as investment are advised to ensure the authenticity of their choices — as well as the source of their purchase.

On its 12th year, Tessera is on a mission to underscore its credibility as a jewelry store. “We want to stress that we sell only natural diamonds. And we have our way to check the authenticity. When our clients buy from us, we want them to be confident about our products,” Fider says.

While its diamonds come certified by the Gemological Institute of America, Tessera also thought it best to approach the International Gemological Institute after a decade in the business. “It’s one of the oldest diamond grading labs in the world. We partnered with them so that whenever you buy a Tessera piece, you will get a certificate. That certificate will have a QR code – yours alone. When you scan it, you go to the IGI website. This is a first in the country.”

At the pop-up store, a device called DiaTrue Mobile can scan your diamond jewelry to check if it is natural. “What we carry are GIA-certified; we also have IGI,” said Fider.

With Tessera’s pop-up in Greenbelt (and soon in City of Dreams and perhaps another in Power Plant Mall), those looking for excellent diamond jewelry for their engagement or wedding rings, milestone gifts or simply for themselves can check the selection and maybe even make their own designs from the loose stones available.

And the Fiders’ tip to those thinking of investing in jewelry? “Invest now because the prices of diamonds always go up. It’s proven that diamond prices will always appreciate. It’s also something you can always pass on. It’s usable through time, it never goes out of style.”

Brilliant advice from the brand made popular by Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s spectacular “Three Stars and The Sun” and “Alab at Dangal” ear cuffs and “Pearl of the Orient” drop earrings!