Innovative medical plan for the future

Even in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle, uncertainties still arise. This can lead to unexpected medical challenges that may strain one’s hard-earned savings.

Singlife Philippines addresses these concerns with its innovative 100-in-1 medical plan, providing comprehensive coverage for over 100 critical conditions caused by illnesses or accidents.

The 100-in-1 Medical Plan offers coverage of up to P500,000 per person, on top of existing PhilHealth and HMO benefits. This robust coverage protects customers against major and minor critical conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart attack and more.

Deviating from traditional and costly health insurances, the Singlife Philippines plan stands out with its budget-friendly monthly premiums starting at only P100 per person. This broadens access to health insurance, allowing families from various income brackets to have peace of mind.

“Accidents and critical illnesses most often lead to high financial costs for a family. In many cases, this leads to depleting all savings and even taking up loans just to be able to pay for the medical procedures needed. In 42 percent of the cases, this has been the root cause behind financial problems for middle-income families in the Philippines,” Singlife Philippines chief executive officer Rien Hermans said.

The 100-in-1 Medical Plan puts control in the hands of its customers, allowing them to purchase, manage their plans, and file claims seamlessly through the GInsure on GCash mobile app. Customer service representatives are also available for assistance, offering convenience and accessibility.

Extended coverage for family

Recognizing the importance of family well-being, the plan allows customers to extend the same meaningful coverage to their immediate family members, ensuring a comprehensive safety net for loved ones.

In a special offer, Singlife Philippines has partnered with KonsultaMD, a leading medical app in the country. Customers who purchase the 100-in-1 Medical Plan receive a free 3-month access to the KonsultaMD app. This partnership provides 24/7 access to medical services, including online doctor consultations, medicine delivery, diagnostics, and home care services.

How to avail

Open the GCash app.

Navigate to ‘GInsure.’

Select the ‘Health’ category.

Click on the product card for the 100-in-1 Medical Plan.

Follow the simple purchase journey and input the necessary details.

With the 100-in-1 Medical Plan, Singlife Philippines aims to provide peace of mind without compromising one’s budget. By combining affordability, comprehensive coverage, and easy accessibility, its initiative seeks to safeguard the health, finances, and future of Filipino individuals and their families.