Innovation begins with inclusion

As we emerge from the most challenging two years and travel restrictions, we are determined to come back even stronger. To ensure sustainable growth, we must adapt and evolve in an ever-changing global landscape. The question is, how can we make the most of revenge travel while maintaining sustainability?

An inclusive approach to tourism promotion is a great starting point. By harnessing innovation, working with our communities and preserving traditions, we can capitalize on the current interest.

Innovation is a key focus. We have invested in digital platforms, allowing travelers to explore our destinations virtually and be inspired even before they arrive. The upcoming Travel PH App is a collaborative endeavor that exemplifies our use of technology to showcase the beauty of our archipelago and ignite wanderlust.

Today, travel holds deeper meaning. Immersion in local culture and traditions is a significant draw. By engaging with communities, visitors gain a profound understanding of our diverse heritage while contributing to the economic empowerment of locals.

MARGA Nograles takes her oath as the chief operating officer of the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.

We ensure that communities receive the necessary knowledge and training to enhance visitor experiences and protect their age-old traditions. We also provide marketing expertise, aiming to create sustainable livelihoods for these communities.

By involving communities in tourism planning, decision-making and revenue sharing, we create an inclusive ecosystem that benefits both tourists and locals. Economic benefits are distributed equitably, empowering communities to shape their own future.

Additionally, we actively foster partnerships and collaborations with the global travel community. By working closely with travel agencies, airlines and stakeholders, we generate synergies that drive sustainable tourism growth. Our recent successes at the Arabian Travel Mart and Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin reflect the growing interest in the Philippines.

Sustainability takes center stage as we forge the future. We are committed to preserving our environment and cultural heritage for future generations. Through responsible tourism practices, we encourage visitors to be mindful of their impact on the environment and local communities. Our focus remains on providing memorable experiences while preserving the authenticity and natural beauty of our destinations.

The Tourism Promotions Board is dedicated to forging a future where innovation and sustainability drive our tourism industry’s growth. By embracing technology, fostering collaborations and promoting responsible practices, we are creating a vibrant and resilient sector that benefits visitors and our nation. Together, let us forge a future where the wonders of the Philippines, our people and our culture shine brightly for all to explore and cherish.


Maria Margarita Montemayor Nograles is the chief operating officer and vice chairperson of the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board, the marketing and promotions arm of the Department of Tourism.