Innovating for a greener fashion FUTURE

H&M strives to be a driver of sustainable change. With a steadfast commitment to reshaping the landscape of sustainable fashion, H&M’s Innovation Stories initiative continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide. This initiative is a testament to their dedication to forward-thinking ideas, innovative fabrications and sustainable design, positioning the brand at the forefront of the fashion industry’s sustainability revolution.

Launched in March 2021, H&M Innovation Stories has explored a range of topics and ways, including eco-friendly color schemes, circular design principles and alternatives to materials sourced from animals. These ideas highlight H&M’s efforts to include eco-friendly methods.


The first step in the road was the Science Story capsule collection, which promoted innovative materials spurred on by science and research and pushed the limits of sustainability. Consumers have since been wowed by collections including Color, Co-Exist, Circular Design, Cherish Waste and the most recent Re-enchantment Story for its eco-friendly clothing. Launched last March, the Re-enchantment Story, in particular, highlights the elegance of clothing made from sequins, rhinestones and beads that are 100 percent recycled.

Sustainable shopping revolution

In order to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags when shopping at H&M stores in the Philippines, H&M launched the Let’s Reuse project in September 2020. Each paper bag costs P2, with all earnings going to Waves for Water Philippines (W4W), a group that works to construct clean water projects in off-the-grid areas of the Philippines. The efforts of W4W are concentrated on teaching locals and giving them rainwater collecting tanks and water filtering equipment.

By participating in community immersions with W4W, H&M Philippines went above its promise. Beginning in November 2021, these initiatives gave communities affected by Typhoon “Ulysses” the help and assistance they needed. The involvement was extended to five more cities around the nation in 2022, and two more community outreach initiatives are scheduled for this year.

ELEGANT clothing made from sequins, rhinestones and beads that are 100-percent recycled.

Circular artistry and empowerment

Woman Create creator Marika Callangan joined forces with H&M Philippines to promote circularity and diverse storytelling. Their partnership highlights the range of materials in circulation while celebrating the circular action of cutting fabrics. Ten percent of the profits from this relationship go toward supporting Woman Create’s goal of empowering women and advancing their rights.

The P399 limited-edition tote bag produced as a consequence of this cooperation is currently on sale in some H&M locations.


Beacon of sustainability in fashion accessories

Zarah Juan has set a benchmark in the fashion accessories segment by embracing community-based, locally-sourced materials and sustainable production methods. Ethical and sustainable sourcing ensures fair compensation for community members, skill development and the preservation of cultural values. Seven primary communities contribute to creating fabric linings, bag shells in wood or rattan, straps, hand-painted designs, woodwork and leatherwork.

With over 30 full-time staff, two exclusive mall locations and one production facility, Zarah Juan combines quirky designs with sustainable practices. The brand introduces new designs monthly and continues to engage with communities to foster sustainable craftsmanship.

Inner wear with a purpose

Recognizing that bodies evolve continually, Lily of the Valley is on a mission to empower people at every stage of life. Lily of the Valley offers practical innerwear that improves quality of life, whether it’s through pregnancy, menstruation, transitions, age, rehabilitation or diverse abilities. This company has made a commitment to helping regional Filipino designers and artisans while putting environmental sustainability first.

Each Lily of the Valley item is painstakingly created with durability in mind. The company also provides 100-percent, made-to-measure innerwear to cut down on waste and overproduction. They are also leading the way in a take-back initiative to give worn-out underwear a second chance at life, further demonstrating their dedication to sustainability.

These projects and partnerships reveal H&M’s commitment to advancing good change within the industry, motivating customers to make thoughtful decisions and promoting a more sustainable fashion future in a world where fashion and sustainability are becoming more and more entwined.