In Every Corner: Do the Art Walk in 10 days

‘FOTOMATO’ exhibit at Legazpi Street.

Makati City, known for its bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, has become a canvas of creativity and connection as Art Fair 2024 brings forth “10 Days of Art: Art Walk by Ayala Land.” 

This immersive experience, running from 9 to 18 February, is not only timely for the arts month, but also promises to transform the city into a hub of artistic expression and community engagement.

With the aim of making art more accessible, “10 Days of Art: Art Walk by Ayala Land” ventures into the streets, parks, malls and various public spaces of Makati City. By doing so, it seeks to ignite conversations, foster connections and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of human expression.

Trickie Lopa, co-founder of Art Fair, expresses excitement about this city-wide initiative, emphasizing that art flourishes not only within walls, but also in the hearts of communities. The endeavor reflects a vision of inclusivity and accessibility, inviting everyone to partake in the celebration of creativity. The art walk encompasses a myriad experiences, from public art installations to interactive exhibits and performances.


Discovering Makati’s public art scene

Embark on a journey of artistic exploration from One Ayala to Circuit Makati, where a trail of public artworks awaits, showcasing a mix of new commissions and beloved pieces that have graced the urban landscape for years.

Begin your adventure at One Ayala, where vibrant murals by “Off The Wall Manila — Paris Connexions” adorn the terminal walls, complemented by “The Course of The Sun,” a captivating art installation suspended from the ceiling of the terminal concourse. Continue your stroll to the malls, starting with Japan Town at Glorietta, where a digital photo exhibit by Trish Shishikura awaits.

‘Sculptures’ by Impy Pilapil

For photography enthusiasts, Greenbelt 5 and the nearby Legazpi Underpass offer a feast for the eyes with stunning photo and digital photo exhibitions curated by FotomotoPH. Meanwhile, art aficionados can delve into the exhibit by Emmanuel Garibay at Ayala Museum, offering an interpretation of Gemino Abad’s poem “I Teach My Child.”

Venture outdoors along Ayala Avenue to encounter more art installations, including “A Warm Orange-Colored Liquid” by Derek Tumala at the Tower One Fountain area, and “Prismatic Embrace” at the Green Wall of Ayala Triangle Garden Tower 2, a captivating video projection by motion graphics artist Isaiah Cacnio in collaboration with digital artists AJ Dimarucot and Carlos Rocha.

Further down Ayala Avenue, immerse yourself in the sculptures of Impy Pilapil at Washington Sycip Park before exploring “!Exclaim” at Ayala North Exchange. At the Samsung Performing Arts Theater, an exhibit by Art House awaits, showcasing works by both established and emerging local and international artists.

Upon arrival at Ayala Malls Circuit and the Samsung Performing Arts Theater, guests are greeted by Leeroy New’s “Elemento,” an installation crafted from recycled materials that redefines sustainability through art. Participate in the community mural painting activity led by local artists like Nini Andrada Sacro, Anina Rubio, and Trip63, as Circuit Makati comes alive with artistic expression.

In addition to the visual delights, don’t miss the series of mesmerizing live performances at Circuit Makati throughout February, promising diverse acts sure to captivate audiences. Ayala Malls also hosts “Art In The Open,” featuring live music and engaging activities at Greenbelt, Glorietta and Ayala Malls Circuit throughout the art fair’s run.

‘Prismatic Embrace’ by Isaiah Cacnio; ‘Off The Wall Manila- Paris Connexions’ at One Ayala Terminal | PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF MAKE IT MAKATI

Makati’s Art Walk by Ayala Land transcends mere observation. It’s a reminder that art isn’t just for display — it’s a reflection of our shared humanity, capable of inspiring, transforming and uniting us all. 

Take this chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Makati’s art scene, and let creativity be your guide.