How to achieve success on your own terms

Success is subjective. It isn’t linear and neither does it fit one definition. But while each of us takes on a different path towards success and fulfillment, our unique experiences and outlook shape the way we reach our goals. From advertising to politics, digital marketing to financial literacy and career coaching to personal development, let’s find out how six Filipino authors achieved success despite roadblocks and challenges threatening to snatch away their ambitions.

CEO at 22
By Sean Si

Sean Si is the founder and chief executive officer of SEO Hacker, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines. In his book, he shares how he started his company at the young age of 22 and how he overcame challenges, such as financial struggles, lack of experience and competition. He also emphasizes the importance of values, such as integrity and hard work, in running a successful business.

Si’s company, SEO Hacker, has become one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the Philippines, with a growing client base both locally and internationally.

How to Prosper: Learn a Simple 5-Point System to Change Your Financial Life Forever! By Bo Sanchez
Bo Sanchez is a bestselling author and a financial literacy advocate in the Philippines. In his book, he shares a simple five-point system to achieve financial prosperity, emphasizing the importance of saving, investing and having the right mindset towards money.

Sanchez’s advocacy for financial literacy has helped many Filipinos achieve financial freedom, through his books, seminars and online courses. He has also established several organizations, such as the Truly Rich Club, to provide financial education and guidance to his followers.

‘CEO at 22’ and ‘Career Shift: Follow your Passion.’

Career Shift: Follow your Passion
By Penny Bongato

Penny Bongato is a career coach and a corporate trainer in the Philippines. In her book, she shares how she shifted from a corporate job to a career in coaching and training, and how she helps others do the same. She emphasizes the importance of finding one’s passion and purpose and how it can lead to a fulfilling career and a happy life.

Bongato’s career coaching and training programs have helped many Filipinos find their passion and purpose and make a successful career shift.

Single, Taken, or Building My Empire
By Jonathan Yabut

Jonathan Yabut’s success story is a testament to his philosophy of “think big, start small, act fast.” Despite starting from humble beginnings, he was able to build a successful career in the corporate world, and ultimately, win a reality TV show that gave him international recognition. He has since become a sought-after speaker and trainer on leadership and career development, and has helped many young professionals achieve their own career goals.

In the book, he emphasizes the importance of having a vision and a plan, and how to stay focused and disciplined in achieving one’s goals. He also shares practical tips on networking, personal branding, and building a successful career.

These books by Filipino authors offer hope, inspiration and practical advice on how to overcome obstacles and achieve one’s goals. These books are available at Bookshelf PH, an online bookstore and book publisher in the Philippines.