How Pinoy BTS fandom contributes to a greater cause

ctober has drawn to a close, but the worldwide BTS fandom, known as ARMY, is not letting the month end without a grand celebration.

The reason for the festivities?

It’s “Jimin Day,” and ARMY from all corners of the globe are taking to social media to share their unique and heartwarming ways of celebrating the 27th birthday of Park Jimin, the K-pop sensation from South Korea’s Busan.

Park Jimin, known as Jimin, was born on 13 October 1995 and has solidified his place as an icon within the K-pop industry. Beyond his exceptional singing abilities, Jimin is loved for being an all-around wholesome human being, consistently giving ARMY plenty of reasons to adore him.


In honor of Jimin’s special day called “Jimtober,” fans have gone all out, showcasing their immense love for their idol. From making videos to baking cakes with his photographs printed onto the icing, ARMYs are pulling out all the stops to make his birthday unforgettable.

To show their love for Baby Mochi, Ddochi, Dooly, ChimChim and Diminie, the PH ARMY organized some surprises. 

One of them was the “MOCHIella” grand finale hosted at the Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City, marking the culmination of a month-long fundraising campaign by Lachimolaloves and Borahae From Manila.

In an exclusive interview with the DAILY TRIBUNE, Atty. Yen Chan, BFM Lachimolaloves admin, said, “I think what I value most is being with the community that’s more where I am at.”

The Filo ARMY community clearly values giving back. Kaetii Tan, Lachimolaloves GC head, emphasized, “This party is not just a party. Always remember na nakakatulong tayo (we get to extend help).” The celebration goes beyond fan admiration; it’s about making a positive impact.

Fangirling is often stereotyped for being too excessive, but in the case of ARMY’s love for Jimin, it transcends mere enthusiasm. They are reuniting to provide dance movement therapy for individuals with special needs, a cause closely tied to Jimin’s own passion for dance.

All proceeds will go to a charitable organization called The Heart at Play Foundation.