How much do Pinoys tip in restaurants?

Americans emerged as the biggest tippers in restaurants, according to a recent tweet by World of Statistics which didn’t even mention the Philippines – for a reason that is quite understandable.

While the United States topped the list with an average of 20 percent gratuity for restaurant staff, many Asian nations were listed as not even “bad tippers,” but “also non-tippers.”

China, Japan, Singapore, and Korea – the richest countries in the continent – appeared to have no tipping standard just like the Philippines. Strangely, they were joined by other wealthy countries like Australia and Denmark.

“Tipping in restaurants in the Philippines is not expected, but it is fairly common. Some upscale restaurants in the bigger cities will usually have a service charge, which is pretty much the tip included in the bill. When there is a service fee on the bill, you don’t have to tip your servers anything,” said an article in

It added that Filipinos would usually give 10 percent tip in restaurants when there’s no service charge on the bill.

Canada took the No. 2 spot with 15-20 percent, followed by Norway (10-20 percent), Mexico (15 percent), Argentina, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (10-15 percent).

Israel gives 12 percent tips, while Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Kenya, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, United Kingdom, and Ukraine would leave 10 percent of the total restaurant bill, according to the list.