Home with a heart


Genteel Home is on a mission to help uplift the Philippines’ home furnishing industry that puts the spotlight on the exceptional talent and ingenuity of Filipino craftsmen.

The manufacturer of bespoke furniture’s journey began in 2013 when its founder and principal designer Katrina de Leon received a special commission that ignited her passion for furniture design. Since then, the brand has been dedicated to crafting pieces that inspire beauty and creativity in every home.

Beyond aesthetics, Genteel Home is committed to sustainability and community engagement by investing in a Mahogany farm to ensure its steady supply of materials. This contributes to environmental preservation and provides livelihood opportunities for local communities.

Coffee table.

Genteel Home is set on expanding its reach to international markets, showcasing the Philippines’ rich talent in home furnishings with the announcement of Heart Evangelista as its ambassador.

“We’ve been crafting beautiful furniture for over a decade, and now, with Heart on board, we’re blooming like never before. She embodies everything Genteel Home stands for – passion, pride in Filipino roots and a belief in making a mark on the world,” De Leon said.

SOLID wood table.

Evangelista, known to be a figure in the world of fashion and beauty, affirmed her admiration for the international quality of Genteel Home pieces. She said, “Genteel Home is super at par with international furniture. Not a lot of people talk about it, that’s why it’s so nice that Kat and Genteel Home are here to show the world what we’ve got. Most furniture suppliers that you see on the global scene are actually from the Philippines. We are world-class. We must be trying to celebrate that.”

For Genteel Home, every piece of furniture is crafted with love and purpose. Its collaboration with Heart Evangelista represents a shared commitment to excellence, sustainability and Filipino craftsmanship, setting the stage for an exciting future ahead.