Hogs Take the Limelight

With the global pandemic that hit the agriculture sector the past six years, and until now that it continues to cripple the agricultural chain, African Swine Fever (ASF) has left millions of hog farmers all over the world jobless. The entire supply chain, from the corn farms (hogs eat corn the most) to slaughterhouses, logistics companies and the wet market vendors, are all challenged due to this disease that has plagued the swine population.

ASF has resulted in almost P140 billion of losses for the swine industry, while jacking up the prices of pork, making them prohibitive to the consuming public.

Given this challenge, I am so committed to find a vaccine to help eradicate ASF. We have partnered with the AVAC ASF LIVE Vaccine manufacturer and had just recently concluded the farm trials for safety and efficacy in partnership with the Bureau of Animal Industry.  The wait is finally over since we have been granted a special import permit by the Food and Drug Administration.

The AVAC ASF Live Vaccine will arrive in the country in less than three weeks. Similar to the Covid-19 malady, all we needed was the vaccine to make our lives normal once again. The world is thus waiting for the ASF Vaccine.

Together with the right biosecurity, we are on the road to recovery and we can now address the food security problem of our country. Thousands of Filipino swine farmers can now slowly repopulate their farms, while simple backyard farms can now make both ends meet for their families.

Progressive Laboratories will continue to create safe and reliable medicines while providing quality solutions to the Philippine and global livestock industry. Thus, we will continue to provide Filipino families with livelihood.

We will continue to make a presence in the international scene through our partnership with the Bureau Veritas Assure Quality, a multinational conglomerate that provides testing, inspection and certification services to various industries. Through this company, we will be providing more global opportunities for my fellow Filipino chemists.

Of course, as I always do my best to give back to the community through the Pinky Cares Foundation, I will continue to support various institutions that need help, including the GRACES Home for the Aged and Reception Center for Children. Through my online show, Grateful Tuesday, I remain committed to helping thousands of families affected by the pandemic. Women empowerment and consumer awareness are two causes that remain entrenched in my heart.

Finally, creating beautiful table settings, while an avocation, will allow me to share my love for the arts and, in my humble way, contribute to the enhancement of the floral and ornaments sector.


Pinky Tobiano is a multi-awarded Filipina chemist, philanthropist and businesswoman. She is the founder of three successful companies: Progressive Laboratories, KPP Powers Commodities Inc and Qualibet
Testing Services. She is also the founder of Harvard Business School Owner-Business President Management (OPM) Program Philippines and the current president of the Association of Bureau of Animal Industry Registered Companies and Recognized Testing Laboratories (ABAIL).