Heart Evangelista-Escudero unveils life on and off cam

Fashion icon and dubbed as Philippine TV’s sweetheart, Heart Evangelista-Escudero revealed that life for her is not always fab and glam and that she worked her way up to reach her current stature during her appearance on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” on Friday, 12 May.

The multi-talented actress sitdowns with the King of Talk Boy Abunda in a one-on-one interview.

She did not back out at every question asked and generously bared all her insights behind the experiences she had– good and bad, then and now.

As their conversion reached the end, Evangelista-Escudero, being the influencer that she is, substantially stated her what-would-be advice to her younger self.

“If I were to speak to who I was before, it would be, stop giving away your heart like it’s candy. Treasure yourself, love yourself. Treasure your heart and your soul because that’s what’s gonna save you in the end.”, she concluded.