Hapag Movement feeds Basilan schoolchildren

Students from Capengcongan Elementary School in Lamitan, Basilan are served free meals. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF AYALA FOUNDATION

Thousands of schoolchildren in Basilan province ate free meals while poor farmers there were given free seeds and fertilizers during a recent outreach by the Hapag Movement, the hunger and poverty alleviation program of Globe and Ayala Foundation.

Some 4,500 students in 21 public elementary schools and madrasas in Isabela City (including the island barangay of Lampinigan), Lamitan City, and the towns of Tipo-Tipo, Maluso, and Al-Barka were served food and drinks.

Farmers were also given free seeds and fertilizers to sustain their livelihood.

Another 2,500 people from remote communities, indigenous peoples and families of former combatants in Basilan were fed by Hapag Movement with the help of alumni from Ayala Foundation’s Basilan Young Leaders Program–Leadership Communities.

The Hapag Movement also provided seeds and fertilizers to farmers in Lantawan town and Lamitan City with the help of BYLP-LC alumna Nurhati Tangging.

“What we’re doing in Hapag is providing opportunities for partner farmer beneficiaries in Basilan to further expand their farming. The Hapag project is providing them vegetable seeds and other seedlings, at the same time fertilizer that will nourish their plants,” Tangging said.

The project has also reached families of former combatants who have returned to the fold and is reintegrating with the community — a critical component in achieving lasting peace in the conflict-stricken province.

“We identified the different beneficiaries we have in Basilan by knowing the active farmers who need support especially seeds. This Hapag project is also an opportunity to provide foods to families of former combatants and their families,” she added.

One notable project was led by community leaders Adzhar Baluan and Saddam Pacio, and teacher Nur-aisa Anilon, all of whom are also BYLP–LC alumni. They organized a feeding program for nearly 1,000 students in December 2023.

“In Globe, we are fully committed to working alongside communities, stakeholders, and local leaders to deploy sustainable solutions that will significantly benefit Filipino families grappling with the harsh reality of involuntary hunger. Through the Hapag Movement, we are determined to secure a more promising future for our less fortunate kababayans (countrymen),” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group chief sustainability and corporate communications officer.