Han So-hee confirms dating Ryu Jun-yeol

Korean actress Han So-hee confirmed she is in a relationship with colleague Ryu Jun-Yeol following her agency’s initial denial of dating rumors.

Han admitted to dating Ryu via her personal blog posted Saturday, 16 March.

“First, it’s true that we are in a relationship with positive feelings. However, I hope that people will not use the word ‘transfer,’” the actress said, adding that she met the actor through an exhibition. The term “transfer” is a reference to a South Korean dating reality show that revolves around ex-couples who gather in the show to reunite with their former lover or to find a new one.

“Second, when we exchanged feelings for one another, it was already the beginning of 2024, and his breakup with that person was already wrapped up in early 2023,” she continued, referring to another actress, Hyeri, who was Ryu’s girlfriend of over six years.

Han apologized to Hyeri and her fans for her actions: “I will apologize to [Hyeri] regarding this fact, and I sincerely apologize to you all for not reacting wisely. Because I acted based on my emotions rather than rational thinking, I acknowledge that this is completely my fault, regardless of my reasons.”

She clarified there was no overlap between her relationship with Ryu and Ryu’s relationship with Hyeri.

Dating rumors began circulating on social media when Han was spotted with Ryu in Hawaii, leading to speculation about their relationship status.

Her agency, 9ato Entertainment, initially responded to the rumors by stating that the actress was only on vacation “with close friends.” Meanwhile, Ryu’s agency, C-Jes Studios, confirmed that the actor was in Hawaii without directly addressing the dating rumors.

Suspicions arose when Hyeri posted a cryptic Instagram story of a photo of palm trees with the caption: “This is funny.”

Han then indirectly responded to the rumors and Hyeri’s post via her now-deleted Instagram stories: “I don’t like people who have a significant other. I don’t lead them on while saying we’re just friends. I don’t take an interest in them. I don’t develop a relationship with them, and I don’t get in the way of other people’s relationships.”

“I also find this funny,” Han wrote, which seemed like a “response” to Hyeri’s Instagram story.

Following Han’s blog post, C-Jes Studios confirmed the two’s relationship via another statement.

“Jun-yeol has been dating So-hee since the beginning of this year after confirming mutual positive feelings. Jun-yeol got to know So-hee after his breakup and he only recently confirmed his feelings for her,” the statement read, adding for fans to respect the privacy of both actors and they will take legal action if Ryu was violated in any way.

Han starred in popular Korean drama series, including The World of the Married, Nevertheless, My Name and Gyeongseong Creature.

Meanwhile, Ryu shot to fame after debuting in the hit 2015 series Reply 1988, where he met Hyeri of the girl group Girl’s Day. Ryu went on earning raves in the films A Taxi Driver, Hit-and Run Squad, Alienoid and The Night Owl, among others.