Haesoo found dead amid a spate of K-Pop deaths

South Korean trot singer Kim Ara, also known as Haesoo, was found dead in her apartment over the weekend in an apparent suicide. She was 29.

It was the latest of K-Pop stars’ alleged suicide deaths that have plagued the industry and blamed on overwhelming depression and anxiety due to the demands of fame.

Among those who recently passed before the age of 30 were Jonghyun, Seo Jae-ho, Anh So-Jin, U;nee, Sulli, Cha In-ha, Goohara, Yohan, and Moon Bin. They have all reportedly taken their own lives.

Haesoo’s death was confirmed by the official fan page Haesoopia which issued an official statement.

“We feel apologetic to have to convey such heartbreaking and sad news. On May 12, Haesoo left our side and became a light in the vast ocean. Haesoo was a warm person who knew how to give love to those around her, share affection, and receive it,” said the statement.

“Her bereaved family, as well as her acquaintances and colleagues, are all mourning her with heavy hearts after being informed of the sudden sad news. According to the wishes of the bereaved family, the funeral will be held quietly and privately. We earnestly ask you to refrain from spreading speculation, malicious reports, and rumors so that the deeply saddened bereaved family may mourn and peacefully send off the deceased,” it added.

Yongsan Police allegedly found a letter believed to be a suicide note.

Haesoo hit stardom in 2019 with her successful mini album “My Life, Me.” She was slated to perform at an event in Jeolla Province when she died.

Other K-Pop stars who have gone too soon due to accidents and illnesses were Tany, Eunb, Rise, Kim Min-Soo, Sung In-kyu, and Lee Ji-han.