GOT7’s Mark Tuan thrills Manila fans

It was a night filled with electrifying and heartwarming moments as GOT7’s Mark Tuan marked his first solo concert in the Philippines on 14 January.

Tuan hyped up the Filipino Ahgases (his fan base) with his opening performance of “After Hours,” setting the tone for a night of musical thrills.  

The crowd was taken on a journey through his solo discography, and the atmosphere reached a crescendo when he performed “Save Me,” followed by the absolute crowd-pleaser “Change Up.”

Addressing the audience, Tuan was profuse with gratitude, saying, “It means a lot that you guys are here for my first tour.” 

The connection between performer and fans deepened as Tuan shared memories of past GOT7 tours in the country, reminiscing about being the last member to arrive in Manila.

He kept the energy high through other numbers such as “Last Breath” and “Fallin’,” and engaged in a “shot puno” challenge with his cup of Red Bull. There was also the soul-stirring rock ballad “Everyone Else Fades” where everyone vibed to every note.

The night took a playful turn when Tuan performed his collaboration with BIBI, “Never Gonna Come Down.” The Filipino Ahgases added their own special touch to the evening with a fan project that surprised and delighted their idol.

Before ending the evening with the promise that he would return to the Philippines, Tuan reassured fans of GOT7’s lasting bond, proclaiming, “We’re GOT7 forever.”

“I’m here now. I’m here with you, guys. I want you guys to know that I’m gonna be here for you guys. And also, the rest of the six boys are going to be here for you guys, too. As long as you guys know that we’re still GOT7,” he declared.

The solo concert tour, named The Other Side, drew inspiration from Tuan’s debut solo album released in August 2022.