GMA combats misinformation with new digi series

GMA Integrated News further takes a firm stand against the spread of misinformation through its innovative online series Facts Talk.

As misinformation continues to challenge the credibility of online sources, Facts Talk aims to combat falsehoods and, at the same time, raise awareness and equip the public with accurate and trustworthy information.

The program seeks to use pre-bunking instead of traditional debunking and fact-checking techniques. Its objective is to empower viewers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices and underscore the importance of vigilance in navigating online spaces. 

The digital show had a special launch campaign on 18 October. Hosted by Sparkle artists Jillian Ward and Andre Paras, the first episode of the six-part series, titled “Ano ang mga sign na peke ang beauty at medical products?,” delves into the dangers of medical scams and how viewers can be more diligent in buying medical, cosmetic and beauty products, especially online. 

Using meme journalism, Facts Talk skillfully tackles serious and vital topics in a manner that appeals to both the Filipino masses and Gen Z. 

Facts Talk is the latest among the InoculatED digital tools and news products developed by GMA Integrated News Digital Strategy and Innovation Lab (DigiLab).