Gloria Diaz: Miss Universe must be for single, childless, natural women

The Philippines’ first-ever Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz, dished out something that just might not sit well with today’s excessively woke society.

The beauty queen and actress said if it’s up to her, single mothers, pregnant, married, divorced, and trans women should not be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe.

She instead suggested they should have their respective beauty pageants.

“My personal opinion, which is not to be taken in the negative way, dapat may sarili silang contest. May Mrs. Universe, may Lesbian Universe, may Tranny Universe,” she was quoted in an interview. “There is room for so much. Oo, mga category na ganoon, ganyan. Tapos, kasi even sa Mrs. Universe, andaming magaganda diyan na nanganak na. Okay lang yun.”

This is after the Miss Universe organization last August issued a statement allowing “women who are or have been married, as well as women who are pregnant or have children,” to be able to compete.

It has also allowed trans women to compete starting in 2018 when Angela Maria Ponce Camacho represented Spain.

Miss Universe is owned by JKN Global Group CEO Anne Jakrajutatip, herself a trans woman.

 “Edi dapat, ‘Universe’  na lang, huwag nang ‘Miss.’ Kasi, hindi na ‘Miss’ yon, ‘di ba? Dapat ‘Universe,’’’ she said. “Hindi ito acceptable sa akin. Kasi dapat may sarili silang contest. Not that I’m ostracizing them, but they’re good at some things eh.”

The 72-year-old Diaz, the 1969 winner, said allowing trans women to compete no longer makes it an even playing field.

“It’s hard. It’s a very new idea na sa akin… not very acceptable,” she said. “Dapat kanya-kanya! At least it gives people more chances, ‘di ba? Kasi, you’re representing this country. Eh, kung may mas magandang babae, o mas magandang tranny… mas mahirap kalaban ang tranny.”

Known for her wit and beauty, Diaz wowed Miss Universe fans back then when she answered the final question: “If a man from the moon landed in your hometown. What would you do to entertain him?”

It was a question very relevant to the times because that was the year Apollo 11 successfully landed on the moon.

Diaz replied: “Oh, the same things I do. I think if he has been on the moon for so long. I think when he comes over, he wants to change. I guess.”