Gloc – 9, Hero, Ramdiss make it to NY Times Square billboard

Their recent collaboration on the latest and exclusive Spotify Singles track “Umaga” paved the way for 
Gloc-9, Hero and Ramdiss to be featured in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York City.

The multi-talented rappers from Universal Records Philippines became the latest Asian artists to grace the iconic Times Square billboard in New York City, USA. The towering billboard featuring the three is part of the KALYE X campaign, Spotify’s initiative that spotlights Pinoy hip-hop through meaningful collaborations with artists and communities.

Also featured are fellow hip-hop artists Midnasty, Cookie$ and Morobeats.

“Umaga,” with almost 150,000 streams at the moment, is a raw and fearless anthem that encourages its listeners to break free from the various expectations of society. Though the three artists have different backgrounds, they came together to create the latest track.

“I love writing songs about real stories and struggles of people and being able to capture what we go through every day. As an artist, I want my music to resonate with everyone, hip-hop fan or not. That is why I take pride in creating songs that tell people’s stories like what we did here for our Spotify Single, ‘Umaga,’” Gloc-9 said.

The three artists made their debut live performance of “Umaga” at KALYE X Manila on 28 October at the Circuit Events Ground in Makati City.