Game for a party like no other

If you were to place your bets on the success of Irene Montemayor’s parties, you’ll always be a winner. Her latest birthday bash was no exception! This year was Game Night at Bar IX at the Molito Lifestyle Center.

THE columnist and birthday celebrator Irene Montemayor.


Hadley Mariano and Fedor Gorst, no. 1 Russian billiard player and no. 8 in the world.


Photographs by Agile Zamora
AJ Olpindo and Sofia Montemayor.


David and Mache Ackerman.


Ayna Ong and Lilibeth Campos.


Crystal Jacinto and Cocoy Cordoba.


Carol Mercado, Bo Muralla and Jorge Hizon.



You know me, always game for a fun time. And I wouldn’t miss her parties for the world because it’s always so creative and she goes all out! From the finest wines and fun cocktails, amazing live band, to the assortment of casino games, there was something to get excited about in every corner.
We could even play and win up to P5 million! Bongga, right? No wonder we partied ‘til the morning. Irene did it again! Cheers!