Fusing science and magic

If you’re like Vera Wang, and was “late” getting into the SPF game, today you may be seeing the “badges” of those carefree sunny days of worshipping the sun every time you look in the mirror.

But while sunscreens and sun tints, even sun protection capsules, were not part of rituals you ever undertook for your skin, you can let the panic abate — there is hope!

So I submitted to a skin analysis last year (screaming inwardly). I was in denial. I felt light years away from the creeping signs of age — fine lines, dark spots, saggy jawline. But the proof was there on the blinking screen. Yes, it screamed back at me, you should have used those sticky, smelly sun lotions your mother used to push into your hands.

These days, lucky mortals have a wide range of choices for sunscreens that actually smell good and don’t leave your skin looking pasty white or coated in oily gunk. In fact, there are numerous solutions to almost every skin problem you can think of.

WEARING the Swarovski necklace from the latest collections. PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF SWAROVSKI

Acne is addressed by brands like, get this, Acnes, which makes zit-zapping quite a breeze; or even homegrown label Human Nature, which just came out with a Tea Tree Body Cleanser and Tea Tree Body Acne Gel for clearer skin all over.

Wrinkles are battled by serums for every need, and if you have not much patience for regimens and rituals, a quick, non-invasive treatment at a reputable aesthetic center can have you feeling refreshed in no time.

The era of lunchtime treatments has been food for the soul among a growing number of fans.

SWAROVSKI Afternoon Tea at Raffles Makati.

Here’s the latest in the arena of skin rejuvenation: Rejuran, a “new concept healer” made of polynucleotides, has arrived in the country courtesy of its exclusive distributor TritanMed. Polynucleotides are DNA fragments of specific size derived from wild salmon. This unique ingredient gives Rejuran its power to “make your skin young and healthy,” meaning “improved hydration, skin texture, skin elasticity and skin repair,” naturally.

The injectable delivers the highly bio-compatible polynucleotides directly into the skin, and “activates the self-regenerative ability of the skin and improves the appearance of various skin concerns, such as wrinkles, scars, large pores, redness and pigmentation, etc.”

From the LUNA collection

It is, in short, the best and proven safest way to look 10 years younger, as testimonials online reveal.

Other benefits of the treatment are: “promotes the secretion of collagen and restores Extra Cellular Matrix to recover thin and damaged skin inside caused by aging, while simultaneously improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles; improves pigmentation and overall brightness of the complexion, which is helpful in recovering the tonicity and luminosity of smoother skin texture.”

Price-wise, it is said to cost less than the popular “lunchtime treatment” called fillers and delivers results just as quickly.

Sometimes I think the multimillion-dollar world of beauty simply wants to inundate us with blurbs just so we will feel a raging need to get that glass skin, wing-tipped eyes and long, outrageous lashes.
It’s a good thing science gives us an opportunity to have these “transformative” qualities, just like magic.

ANA Gonzales of Havaianas Philippines.

Shine on
An afternoon tea worth a sip is one that is currently being served at the Raffles Makati’s The Writers Bar.

Aptly described as “a shimmering fusion of history and luxury, the Swarovski Afternoon Tea was unveiled on 27 September with Swarovski’s latest collections on display.

The new pieces, coming in bright jewel tones of green, pink and blue, were designed by Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, who was inspired by “multiple worlds.”

Also, science and magic met in this latest output, from “Idyllia’s secret gardens filled with wondrous creatures, or Luna’s star-covered skies illuminated by crescent moons.”

See for yourself the exquisite
Swarovski’s unmistakable “shapes of Dextera” and “the show-stopping cuts of Mesmera.”

Luna is the newest collection to date, and for sun-worshippers, perhaps a little foray into the darker realms will balance it out, giving “mystical energy” amid too much reality.

Raffles Makati’s executive chef Bela Rieck presented the afternoon tea, with delicacies like “green mango tart with sea grapes, seared tuna with mango cilantro salsa for the culinary art tier, and desserts like the crystal glazed reinvented raspberry, white wine coconut spritzer and a mesmerizing crystal-inspired praline.”

The special afternoon tea is available until 30 November.

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Slide into comfort and color
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Wear it anywhere, even at the Mansion Sports Bar, and feel the comfort and cool all at once.

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