Francine, Seth get dragged (again) into Andrea controversy

Seth Fedelin took to social media X/Twitter to defend loveteam partner Francine Diaz against bashers revisiting the controversy stemming from November 2021 fashion show of Michael Leyva where Andrea reportedly stormed Francine’s dressing room and confronted her.

It can be recalled that Andrea got bothered over Seth Fedelin’s photo with Diaz’s family at Francine’s house, and Andrea took to social media to express her displeasure. Diaz and Fedelin both live in Cavite, and it was revealed that Seth and his handler Neil Coleta went to the Diaz household to personally apologize to Francine and her family for Andrea’s behavior in the dressing room incident.

Cut to today, apparently, certain quarters in the Sethdrea fandom, rooted in the serye “Kadenang Ginto”, blame Francine for the dissolution of their ship.

Chantal Diaz, Francine’s sister, also took to X/twitter to defend Francine from Andrea fans, who want to revisit the incident.

Other fans have commended Seth for not saying anything against Andrea at the time she was jealously acting up against Francine and Seth on her Instagram Live at the time.