Finding your ‘why’ to working out leads to good health

For many people, having a regular physical activity can be a tall order. Yes, even if they’re already advised to exercise by healthcare professionals from their company’s annual physical examination or their personal executive checkup. They eventually get into fitness but oftentimes after having a medical condition.

That’s why health and wellness facilities nowadays go beyond the usual gym services. Kinetix+, for instance, is touted as the first luxury boutique gym in the Philippines because this Filipino brand offers not only cutting-edge equipment and focused training program, but also post-workout recovery facilities and inviting atmosphere that discourages overcrowding.

Miguel Baldovino, a.k.a. Coach Iggy, demonstrating how to use the Biostrength machine.

Before anything else, though, new members have to undergo the proprietary assessment to evaluate their current fitness level and specific health condition. Then a proper training program, including a nutrition plan, will be designed for them with hands-on supervision from the gym coaches. Many of these coaches are graduates of Sports Science, a four-year degree program that can be a pre-Medicine course. Some specialize in strength and conditioning, while others are trained to deal with clients with medical conditions.

Know your why

“It’s a big motivation kung alam mo talaga kung ano ang goal mo (if you know what’s your real goal),” said Miguel Baldovino, himself a sport science graduate, while touring DAILY TRIBUNE around Kinetix+ that’s located on Level 3 of Shops upscale mall at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City. It occupies 900 sqm yet will only accept a total of 250 member-clients.

“When you tell us, kaming coaches ang magbi-break down in a short period of time. For example, may lumapit (someone approached us, saying], ‘I want to lose 20 pounds in one week.’ That’s impossible. So, bibigyan namin ng system ang gusto nila (We will give a system to what they like.) We’re very hands-on with our clients. We have regular consultations.”

As we hit the green, grass-like middle aisle of the gym, Baldovino, also called Coach Iggy, pointed out, “Itong nilalakaran natin (What we’re walking on) is the turf area. It is designed to dampen impact, so you can do your running, jumping here without hurting your joints.”

He then pointed to the gold and silver plates for weightlifting, explaining that the colored plates, on the other hand, are calibrated for precise measurement. Next came the machines to work out either the lower body or the upper body. He gave special mention to the line of equipment called Biostrength, which is AI-driven and patented by NASA.

“It’s the first in the Philippines,” he proudly said. “It is powered by AI (artificial intelligence). So, wala na s’yang (it no longer needs) plates. You just have to program, let’s say the weight desired and training goals mo, and the machine will design it for you.”

Upon reaching a row of rooms, the coach said the first one is where the assessment for new members takes place. The next two are for recovery purposes, such as the Exercise with Oxygen Therapy, ice bath therapy and infrared and red-light therapy. There are also infrared dry sauna rooms at the other side of the Recovery Lab.

Debunking myths

As Baldovino led us to the second floor, where the lounger area offers an aerial view of the intersecting thoroughfares of Paseo de Roxas Street and Makati Avenue, he gave a few tips on effective working out. For starters, on the best time to hit the gym.

“It really depends on the person on what they’re used to,” he said, adding that there’s really no difference between working out in the morning and at night. “There are just some people who do before going to work. Working out releases hormones in the body. Yes, endorphins. Mas makakapag-produce sila nang mas maayos sa work naman nila (They can be more productive at work.)”

He then clarified that working out at night doesn’t really affect sleeping habits. “’Yung hirap ng tulog (The difficulty in sleeping), manggagaling (it will come) probably from the stimulants they take, like supplementation, caffeine. Siguro (Maybe) that’s why may hirap sa pagtulog (there’s difficulty in sleeping).”

Hence, he pointed out, there’s no “specific time” for working out as it really depends on the individual’s energy level. But as for getting adequate rest, he suggests for “someone who regular trains with us, seven to eight hours of sleep.”

At the recent media and VIP launch of Kinetix+, there were (from left) Chris Tiu, Yari Miralao, Patrick and Alexia Lim, Viviane Sy, Lance Lim, Nena Sy – Lim, Jopet Cancio, Coach Marlon Lugue and Luis Gatmaytan.

Baldovino also debunked the “myth” of continuously burning calories within an hour after working out, so any amount of food intake will not result to weight gain. “When it comes to nutrition, you should have the right and proper amount of balanced meals. So may (there’s) portioning. Let’s say three to four meals a day na small portions na enough for you to get full and have energy.”

He suggested having a light snack at least 45 minutes before working out, then explained, “If you eat too much before working out, your body continues to digest while working out. Mas magiging (The more you’ll be) feeling sluggish ka. So pagod ka kaagad (You get tired easily).”

He also recommended working out four times a week from 45 minutes to one hour per day “regardless of what kind of training you’re doing.” The coach added, “Here, we champion strength training. We branch out with compound movement. It’s not true that if you lift weights, you’ll get bulky. ’Yan (That’s) usually ang sinasabi ng mga babae (what our female clients say). It still depends on the nutrition. We’ve proven that if you want to gain muscle, lose weight, it’s through barbell training talaga.”

For those who still can’t get rid of their sedentary lifestyle, Baldovino have these reminders: “Always think of your health and longevity. In life, it’s not all about vanity and aesthetics. Find your why, your motivation, like you want to be healthy for your kids or you want to travel pa. For me, ’yung health lang parati (for health reasons always). It’s the best prevention and the best cure to all the lifestyle diseases. Health should be top priority.”