Favorite yarn: The story of Marian Rivera’s P200k GUCCI dress

Seemingly the favorite endorser of businesswoman Rhea Anicoche-Tan, Marian Rivera enjoys certain perks that the latter willingly gives.

Since she’s the la favorita, Rivera makes lambing every time she has a grand event for Anicoche-Tan’s product launches.

Recently, Rivera sweetly asked the businesswoman if she could provide the dress for another product launch.  Of course, Anicoche-Tan acquiesced.

What she provided was nothing to sneer at: The Gucci dress Rivera got to wear cost the businesswoman P200,000.

Not only that.  Rivera has also received luxury bags from Anicoche-Tan.

But what’s this we heard that the businesswoman is in a quandary because, while she has already sent Rivera her renewal contract, the document hasn’t come back?

Anicoche-Tan also got wind of an offer made to Rivera by a competing brand, which appeared to explain why the actress’ camp is dilly-dallying in signing her renewal contract.

Astute businesswoman that she is, Anicoche-Tan is said to be thinking of getting Heart Evangelista’s services in case Rivera will not renew. Problem is, Evangelista’s a very expensive endorser and the entrepreneur feels she might not afford her.

Her second choice is Vice Ganda. But Anicoche-Tan’s products are mostly for women.

What to do? For now, seemingly just wait for Rivera to renew her contract. Will she?


Dahlia garden, anyone?

It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis is so in love with her daughter Dahlia that she plans to plant an actual dahlia garden.

“We are attempting the impossible by planting our own little Dahlia garden. Mum 
@carmcurtissmith I need some green thumb guidance? Anyone else have any tips how I can make them survive in the metro?,” asked the actress in the caption to photos showing her daughter Dahlia adorned with the famous flower.

According to our research, “In the Victorian Era, when floriography (the language of flowers) was all the rage, dahlias were given as symbols of devotion, love, beauty and dignity. These meanings still hold true in modern times.”

Curtis’ plea for help didn’t fall on deaf ears as some of her followers offered tips on how to grow dahlias.

“Please choose heat-tolerant varieties and provide them with partial shade to shield them from intense midday sun. Use well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged roots, maintain regular, even moisture without overwatering, and apply mulch to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature,” said a fan.

Another follower advised Curtis: “Don’t water them on non-sunny days. Provide partial sunshade during intense sunny days… and the best time to water them during sunny days is at night. Say hello for me to your blooming Dahlia, Ms. Anne!””

Apparently, too much heat kills the flower, so one commenter said, “Don’t put outside. Too much sunlight especially in the Philippines will kill it. It likes the feeling of spring temperature.”


Teen beauty queen chases master’s degree in Germany

Teen beauty queen Mariel Prion is setting her sights on getting her master’s degree in Germany after completing her Behavioral Science degree at De La Salle University and after winning the Miss Teen Glam International in 2020.

Prion forayed into the pageant industry via Mr. & Ms. Teen Earth Philippines in 2016. She clinched the Miss Teen Glam Philippines title in 2019.

“I’m waiting for a scholarship application for a master’s degree in Germany. They’re looking for people who are advocating for people’s development. That’s where I placed my volunteer work and advocacies,” Prion said during the launch of the Millennium Dynamic Touch Panel, a revolutionary board designed to transform the way teams collaborate and communicate in workplaces.

Prion is grateful for this new technology, as she says it is a great help for a public speaker like her.

“I’m grateful that they made this kind of technology because it makes it so much easier for me as a public speaker to do my presentation,” she said.

“From someone working on NGOs, for me it would be very helpful since we do a lot of charity work, volunteer work and other activities for people from other groups or organizations,” she added.