Music lover

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is known to love music.

In a previous interview with Daily Tribune, presidential son and 1st District Representative of Ilocos Norte Sandro Marcos said his father influenced his musical taste.

“I grew up listening to Eric Clapton and Elton John because that’s what he played to me,” Sandro said.

American rock band Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water was the first album PBBM bought.


Book enthusiast

Aside from music, PBBM is also a bibliophile.

“The complete books of William Shakespeare. There’s no poet that equals him,” he said.

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, I, Robot and Foundation by Isaac Asimov and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus are some of his favorite books. A must-read on his list is Sainthood Postponed by Lewis Gleeck, as recommended by Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Juan Ponce Enrile.


Film buff, food connoisseur

PBBM first starred as himself in the Sampaguita Pictures movie Iginuhit ng Tadhana, a biographical flick about his father. In the movie, the young Bongbong gave a speech about his dream of becoming a politician.

In a vlog with son Sandro, PBBM shared that Field of Dreams as the memorable film that made him cry. “Nililigawan ko pa ‘yung mother mo nun eh. We were in the States, nanood kami ng sine, Field of Dreams. Everybody was saying ang ganda ganda. But, my father had just died. Kaya nung nag-usap na ‘yung mga mag-ama, naiyak ako.

In terms of food, PBBM likes sinigang, pinakbet, osso buco and pan-seared steak. He also shared that he traveled as far as Barcelona, Spain to eat his favorite food at El Bulli.