With roots in deeply ingrained cultures and traditions that have influenced the identity of the country, Filipino design has long been praised for its diversity.

The extraordinary skills of Filipino designers and artists were on display at the recent BYS Fashion Week, which, on its second year, showcased the fusion of voices, cultures and inspirations that make up the country’s creative landscape.

The Filipino fashion community came together at this series with creativity as a unifying factor. Every Filipino designer and artist in the event came nothing short of amazing in the ability, heart and enthusiasm they displayed. Amid the myriad outlets and manifestations of creativity, two standout figures, Neric Beltran and Chris Nick, stole the show on the second day of the event.

Step into forever with Neric Beltan

Following a five-year absence from the runway, Beltran triumphantly made a comeback with the debut of his first bridal collection, “FOREVER AFTER.”

Known for his intricately hand-embellished pieces usually made for the stage or a select clientele, Beltran’s foray into bridal wear was a significant departure.

This collection represents a modern and wearable take on bridal fashion, encouraging brides to wear the pieces repeatedly. The collection features a combination of lace, silk, chiffon and taffeta, adorned with hand-crafted flowers, embellishments and sultry cuts that add a touch of personality to the traditional white bridal attire.

BELTRAN’s white ensemble with a combination of lace, silk, chiffon and taffeta, adorned with hand-crafted flowers.


The highlight of Beltran’s return was a collaboration with the sensational Kings of P-pop SB19. As the finale look was unveiled – a hand-embroidered long-line men’s jacket featuring trailing pearls, crystals, beads and sequins – the runway transformed into a musical experience.

SB19 entered the stage decked out in Beltran’s botanical interpretations and exuding a dewy sheen. The heartfelt ballad “I Want You” served as a perfect backdrop for Beltran’s emotive collection, moving him to cry as he took his final bow to thunderous ovation.


Chris Nick’s nightlife to life

The audience was taken on a tour through the exciting New York City nightlife by Chris Nick, whose distinctive style stands out by sleekness, sharpness and sensuality.

A 40-piece collection that radiated class and allure lighted up the runway. Sofia Andres, Coleen Garcia, Pam Prinster, Samantha Panlilio, Issa Pressman, Marina Summers and Max Collins, his favorite muse, were among Chris Nick’s roster of models.

Chris Nick with his muses.


These women grabbed the audience with their calm demeanor and style as they personified Chris Nick’s creations. Roses were strewn as they walked off the runway in appreciation of this amazing fashion trip.