Fashion trailblazers and scorching styles

Pieces from LE NGOK’s past collection, ‘CYBER GAZE.’ | PHOTOGRAPHs COURTESY OF Jo Ann Bitagcol

LE NGOK is an immersive journey through the narratives, whether highs or lows, of its designer, Carla Zhang. “Lè” embodies the quest for genuine happiness, pushing the creative boundaries of experimental design in fashion through storytelling via mixed media and a variety of innovative techniques.

Get ready as Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024 heats up the local fashion scene with a fresh lineup of local and foreign designers and brands.

With summer approaching, the upcoming Bench Fashion Week draws inspiration from the season, spotlighting the latest collections set to kindle every wardrobe with fresh energy and style.

BFW Summer 2024 will present collections honoring local craftsmanship, poignant narratives, intimate relationships, self-love and self-discovery, coupled with elevated fashion ethos and sartorial sophistication.

The roster includes: Rhett Eala for Kashieca, Jo Ann Bitagcol, Gabbie Sarenas, nicolò, LE NGOK and Joey Samson.