Family meals matter

Families from all over the metro recently spent a fun-filled day at the first-ever CDO Family Salo-Salo. Held at the Ayala Malls Circuit Makati, attendees including guest speakers and foodie creators enjoyed the company of loved ones and the many surprises CDO had in store. 

“CDO recognizes the different types of families and households today,” said Theresa Chong, CDO’s vice president for marketing. “True to our brand purpose, we advocate for bringing families together and enabling them to reconnect with each other through meaningful mealtimes — sa simpleng salo-salo.”

Hosted by Karen Bordador, the event featured cooking demos by foodie creators using CDO products. Jujumao filled puff pastries with CDO Karne Norte, while Shine Dee layered CDO Sweet Ham into savory ham sliders. Mouths watered over Hazel Cheffy’s croquettes upgraded with CDO Idol Cheesedog.

Many gathered to sample a variety of CDO products and even shopped for CDO canned and frozen goods at the all-day sale.

More special guests shared their experiences about family meals, teaching kids to communicate their feelings to parents, using social media to foster closeness and many other topics.

“Don’t ever be afraid of asking help from other people,” said actress Dimples Romana on the challenges of having a daughter in college and very young children. “At the end of the day, family is key.”

During her discussion with Julius and Christine Babao, Child and Family expert Dr. Gail Galang emphasized the importance of intentional time with the kids during their formative years. “Teaching them life skills early on is very essential,” she described. “So every opportunity where they can learn to communicate effectively, listen to others and negotiate if there’s a conflict. Those things gagamitin nila yun when they’re working.”

Lifestyle content creator Ashley Garcia also talked about keeping in touch with her family even with school and extracurriculars.

Throughout the day, the crowd had their fill of fun and engaging activities. From this major event down to every product released, CDO advocates for spending time together with loved ones. “In three simple words, tara, kain tayo — it is an invitation. It becomes a time for catching up over shared meals, trying a loved one’s recipe, sharing inside jokes with siblings and enjoying a simple feast together as a family,” Chong concluded.