Explore Philippines in a more personal and sustainable way

Uncover the beauty of the Philippines in a deeper, personal and sustainable way through Explora Ahora.

The recently launched travel company highlights community tourism. Ahora, which means “now” in Spanish, aims to make all travelers experience the country’s mesmerizing landscapes, seascapes and renowned Filipino hospitality.

Founded by young entrepreneur Angely Dub, who also established the successful Access Travel, Explora Ahora returns to its roots.

“While Access Travel connects our clients globally, Explora Ahora brings them closer to the heart of our home,” said Dub, who was born and raised in the Philippines. “I want them to see our beautiful country with new eyes — we are more than our beaches and sunsets; we are beyond a typical backpackers’ destination.”

Drawing on 12 years of travel expertise from Access Travel, Explora Ahora charts a new path — offering curated local experiences.

These include activities like diving with a local diver in the pristine islands of Palawan and Bohol or exploring rich heritage sites with a history scholar in provinces, such as Ifugao, Bulacan and Iloilo.

For food, the culinary experience is heightened with stories from the chefs and cooks, even letting guests embark on a “soil-to-soul” journey of the produce they consume.

Since Explora Ahora’s tour experiences are crafted in collaboration with local communities, these not only promote cultural immersion but also emphasize sustainable tourism, benefiting local economies and preserving the environment in the process.

With groups kept to a minimum, each journey becomes more intimate, going beyond merely hopping from one place to another.

“Explora Ahora’s goal is to be the foremost choice for travelers seeking the Philippines’ true essence,” said Dub.

“Therefore, we made sure that we do not offer the usual touristy itinerary, as we aim to elevate the travelers’ experience to something more personal and experiential.” 

The travel company’s young and dynamic team has a deep knowledge of the Philippines, and complemented with partnerships with those from the local communities, they can tailor itineraries that cater to individual traveler interests.

The offering includes assured quality in accommodations, transportation, unparalleled customer service and a seamless cashless booking system. 

Visit www.exploraahora.com.