Exemplar  of intelligent luxury

THE Upper House stands tall as more than just a luxury


In Hong Kong, The Upper House stands tall as more than just a luxury accommodation — it is a gateway to a remarkable lifestyle experience.
This contemporary haven transcends the traditional definition of a hotel, blending elegance, sophistication and impeccable service to create a truly unforgettable stay. With its unwavering commitment to intelligent luxury, The Upper House redefines the art of hospitality, creating authentic and enriching experiences for its guests before they even realize they desire them.

Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district, it sits just above Admiralty’s Pacific Place, a premiere destination for commercial, retail and hospitality institutions. It’s 40 minutes away from the airport and within walking distance of many tourist attractions like Harcourt Garden, Hong Kong Park, Bowen Road Garden and Central Plaza.

Stepping foot into The Upper House is akin to entering a world where luxury is not just a concept, but a way of life. From the moment you are greeted at the entrance by the warm and attentive staff to the awe-inspiring views that greet you at every turn, every aspect of this hotel is designed to immerse you in a sensory journey of refined indulgence. Check-in is directly in your room somewhere between the 43rd and the 48th.

The hotel offers mesmerizing views of Hong Kong’s vibrant city lights and boasts an enchanting panorama of Victoria Harbour or tree-lined streets of Central from its 117 rooms. Every corner of the establishment, meticulously designed by renowned Hong Kong interior architect André Fu, embodies the theme of an “Upward Journey.” From the ethereal glass-encased lobby that appears to float in the air, to the escalator inspired by Torii gates, guests are transported through a 40-meter-high atrium adorned with the delicate aromas of ginger and verbena.
Within, a symphony of modern Asian influences harmoniously blends together. Crafted from fine natural materials such as bamboo, timber, shoji glass, limestone and lacquered paper, each element exudes a sense of refined artistry. The curated selection of expressive art and sculptures throughout the hotel not only shares the narrative of The Upper House but also imparts a timeless feeling of tranquility and serenity.



THIS contemporary haven transcends the traditional definition of a hotel.

Every room is designed to provide a sense of understated luxury with abundant spaces everywhere from 300-sq ft. bathrooms with walk-in rain showers, dressing areas and free-standing limestone-clad bathtubs, as well as gorgeous panoramic views of the harbour or the island. With 22 suites and one penthouse starting at 730 sq. ft., The Upper House has some of the largest rooms in Hong Kong. That’s one distinct factor that distinguishes the Upper House from other high-end hotels in Hong Kong. Features include a complimentary maxi bar, in-room water filtration system, dual-temperature wine fridge, espresso machine, and a 46-inch interactive television connected to Bose speakers. Guests also have high-speed internet access; IPTV, which has complimentary international blockbusters, music, and helpful information; and StayPlease, which provides easy access to all House services via QR code as well as in-room treatments using organic Bamford products.


THE property’s harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics, elegance and           technology envelops you.

There’s no buffet breakfast but guests order from the menu which has a variety of sets to choose from or a la carte items which is what we opted for. I was very happy with my steak and egg that I had it for two straight days.

What sets The Upper House apart from its counterparts is its unwavering dedication to intelligent luxury. Unobtrusive yet intuitive, the hotel anticipates the needs and desires of its guests, creating a seamless experience that feels tailor-made just for you. The Upper House takes pride in understanding the essence of hospitality, and effortlessly weaves it into every aspect of your stay.
The authentic experiences curated by The Upper House are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether it’s the discreet personalization of your suite to suit your preferences, or occasion — in my case, my birthday, where they set up the living area with a “Happy Birthday” — banner, as well as a framed greeting using photos of my husband and I they found on my Instagram account.
As you navigate the meticulously designed spaces of The Upper House, the harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics, elegance and technology envelops you.
In the realm of luxury hospitality, The Upper House Hong Kong stands as a shining beacon — an exemplar of intelligent luxury where authentic experiences are designed for guests before they know it, or even need it. It is a sanctuary that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embrace a lifestyle that is both indulgent and enriching. Prepare to be captivated, for The Upper House promises a stay that will leave an indelible mark in you.

The blue plaques of London: An overlooked embellishment
Ask any visitor to London or a resident of the United Kingdom, they all have their all-time treasured landmarks or favored activities.
From the regal Buckingham Palace to the historic Tower of London, to the dramatic Changing of the Guard Ceremony and the revered British Museum with a collection of over 8 million works, they form a core part or a nucleus of London’s history and heritage.
Not to mention the vibrant West End plays and musicals, the exhibits and concerts in opulent palaces and well-attended halls, or even the red double decker buses and the Hackney carriages, fondly known as the London black cabs, which spice up the truly UK experience.
For foodies, they often bring up English Roast Beef, Shepherd’s Pie and Fish and Chips, which are go-to must-have dishes while in town.
Despite these hallmarks of culture and tradition — either permanent, mobile or edible — somehow, I wonder why my thoughts keep on wondering and wandering back to the Blue Plaques of London!
Each 20-inch round badge of recognition with blue background and white lettering, features the name, the year of birth and death, plus their relationship with the abode where it is erected.
These are commemorations which invite the passersby to delve into the lives of its illustrious past inhabitants. Affixed to the facades of buildings, it whispers fascinating tales of extraordinary individuals who have shaped London’s identity over the centuries.
Meticulously administered by the charity English Heritage, the plaques have since become synonymous with historical preservation.
The origins of this iconic tradition can be traced back to 1866 when the Society of Arts, now known as the Royal Society of Arts, initiated the concept of memorial plaques. The idea fully took off in 1867, when the first Blue Plaque was installed at the birthplace of English Poet Lord Byron, at 24 Holles Street. This inaugural plaque set the stage for an enduring legacy of remembrance.
These more-than-just-nameplates signify stories of exceptional individuals who have contributed to various fields of human endeavor. From renowned artists and writers to groundbreaking scientists and social reformers, the Blue Plaques celebrate the diverse accomplishments that have shaped London’s cultural, scientific, and intellectual landscapes.


SANCTUARY that cuts across the ordinary.