Elevating ‘dull’ outfits with jewelry

Many people wear a piece of jewelry that holds a special meaning or a sentimental value to them, like if it’s a gift, but a lot more buy to be in style or follow a fashion trend. Either way, you have to be comfortable wearing your ring, necklace, earrings, or even body piercing is the foremost advice of Imono Jewelry owner and general manager Valerine Tang-Hing.

“Right now, the trend is minimalist, both for men and women,” Tang-Hing told DAILY TRIBUNE at the recent launch of Imono Jewelry’s latest collection in collaboration with its brand ambassador Lovi Poe. She pointed out, though, that personal style still counts when buying jewelry.

Lovi Poe showing off the latest collection of Imono Jewelry.

“Generally, if you want to buy something beautiful, I would start with a pair of earrings,” she said. “Because it brightens up the face. It’s different when you’re wearing earrings. You’ll look totally different. That’s the first thing you can buy if you want to create your collection.”

Tang-Hing has tips for busy persons like her in choosing jewelry to wear when going to work. “I start with the simplest thing,” she said. “I go for hoop earrings and then a statement necklace or bracelet, like a bangle. A bangle doesn’t tangle with or hold on to anything.”

The working mom admitted to feeling “dull” when she’s not wearing any jewelry. “It makes me feel elevated. My outfit may be the same, but my look is different. Jewelry gives that added spice, so to speak.”

As for storage and cleaning of jewelry like the ones Imono makes using stainless steel, Tang-Hing said they’re “maintenance-free,” so they don’t require special care. They also don’t tarnish and are hypo-allergenic. “You can take a bath, go to the beach wearing our jewelry,” she pointed out. “In case it gets a bit dirty, just clean it with our polishing cloth, which will bring back its original shine.”