Educators’ empowerment

According to a data by Cerebro, Filipino teachers devote a minimum of 400 hours annually beyond their regular work hours, leading to chronic issues that affect their well-being and their ability to deliver quality education.

With at least 70 percent of teachers worldwide feeling overworked and facing mental health challenges, advocating for optimal working conditions and resources for educators becomes all the more significant during this season of giving.

Amid the holiday cheer, Cerebro’s mission remains focused on empowering educators by ensuring optimal working conditions, resources and support for their personal success and the success of their students.

The ed-tech company targets to double their just-breached 1,000-signature milestone on their petition to enhance the working conditions and resources available to Filipino teachers.

“As we celebrate this season of giving, do consider signing the petition to empower Filipino teachers. The petition is a powerful gift to demonstrate widespread support for change, which will be presented to relevant stakeholders, policymakers and educational institutions.

By championing this cause, we can ensure a brighter educational journey for every student and unlock the fuller potential of our country,” Justine Itugot, founder and chief executive officer of Cerebro, said.