Edriane Lim sets the bar high  in Singapore

From the busy streets of Pasay City, Edriane Lim has tirelessly climbed the world of bartenders all the way to the top in the Lion City.

His family of Chinese heritage was deeply entwined with the accommodation sector, as they are proud owners of two well-established hotels in the district of Malate. This is an admirable legacy that has been faithfully cared for nearly 35 years, tracing its origins back to his grandfather’s vision.

Edriane’s upbringing nurtured a love for hospitality coupled with a genuine pursuit of excellence. His education led him to the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, where he pursued a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management.

Among his first forays into this sphere was an internship at the Resorts World Marriott Hotel, in the Bell Service department. These early exposures provided him with a better understanding of the industry, encompassing both Food and Beverage services as well as Front Office operations.


He initially found himself working at TGI Fridays in Taguig City. But he quickly jumped at an overseas opportunity that would change his life — the chance to join an F&B team.

And so on September 2011, Edriane made the bold move to Singapore, where he started his journey as a waiter at Swissotel The Stamford.

Over the next three years, Edriane continued to broaden his horizons and hone his skills. He transitioned to the Sofitel Singapore, where he embraced the role of a bartender.

In 2014, he was offered a position at Anti:Dote bar at the Fairmont Hotel, a pivotal moment that saw him alongside the renowned bartender Tom Hogan. Under his mentorship, the gentleman not only mastered the art of bartending but also gained valuable insights into running a bar successfully. Their collaboration resulted in Anti:Dote achieving the #47 ranking in the Asia 50 Best Bar Awards in 2016.


Before long, he accepted an offer to join Atlas Bar Singapore — one of the most prestigious bars in the country — as a Senior Bartender. He not only expanded his knowledge of the industry, but also learned crucial leadership skills. With six bartenders under his guidance, he became adept at team management, collaborating with suppliers, creating menus, and running a bar program. Atlas Bar’s success was undeniable, eventually earning a spot in the World’s and Asia’s Best Bars top 10 for two consecutive years.

Edriane’s relentless chase for self-growth and leadership saw him embark on yet another venture in 2019. With aspirations to be a head bartender, the break presented itself at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. He took on the role to spearhead The Bar at 15 Stamford. This transition marked a significant shift in his career, as he ventured from experimenting with white spirits to specializing in dark spirits, particularly rum. His aim was to establish The Bar at 15 Stamford as one of the nation’s premier destinations for rum enthusiasts.

The year 2021 brought a well-deserved promotion. He was named Bar Manager at The Bar at 15 Stamford. As the doors of all establishments reopened after lockdowns, he wasted no time in crafting dynamic and engaging projects. The achiever organized guest shifts, hosted events, conducted rum tastings, and implemented various initiatives to reintroduce his domain to the local and international bar scene.


As a self-professed highball advocate, he finds solace in the simplicity of whisky and soda, a testament to his appreciation for the craft of mixology.

When confronted with challenges, Edriane’s coping mechanisms reveal his resilience. He emphasizes the importance of organization and a step-by-step approach, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.

He acknowledges the demands of his socializing-intensive workweek and counterbalances it with cherished moments of solitude on his free time. This invaluable alone time allows him to disconnect from the pressures of his profession to rejuvenate. His strong relationship with the Lord grants him the inner strength to navigate through life. And in time, find inner peace.

Even on his days off, Edriane still works — he can be found visiting bars and studying the drinks he orders in order to gain inspiration for the ever-evolving bar program he manages.

Delving into the realm of “what ifs,” he reveals an alternative would have likely led him down a creative and expressive path, such as art and dance.

He likewise keeps the words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson close in his heart — his calling is a battle of “Me vs. Me,” where self-improvement and commitment leads to greatness.

Let us listen to what the expert bartender-manager has to say:


On The Bar at 15 Stamford:

I have been running this bar for almost five years now and I have to say, it is amazing! It is also made easier when you have a supporting Food and Beverage Director who believes in his managers. To include this bar in the 50 Best List is still one of my goals. Hopefully I can achieve this with my current team and for the years to come.


On specialty drink:

For The Bar at 15 Stamford we have a signature drink called PLANTATION 1840. It’s made with Black Tears Cuban Spiced Rum, Sweet Vermouth, pineapple juice, lemon, and brown sugar. It ties very well with the history of our building, wherein in 1840, a farmer and a merchant worked in the sugarcane and pineapple fields.


On hosting guests:

I love hosting people. I refrain from using the word serving nowadays. Whoever visits my bar, we host you. We are here to welcome you, to give you the best experience possible within our capabilities. Being able to meet their needs for any situation makes them feel cared for.


On social battery:

There are times a person’s social counter level dries up and tending to people becomes very difficult. Do find the balance of being able to take care of others and yourself. Rest.


On management style:

I lead by example. As a manager, I believe that I should be on top of things — whether it is behind the bar or on the floor. I should always be there for my crew. I make certain we have a great working environment.


On marketing:

Social media has a big influence in this industry. It only shows what they want others to see. I believe in word of mouth. What the general public says will make or break you. A lot of bars would look great online. But when you get there, staff are untrained, service is horrendous, and the experience is not what you had hoped for. However, if a bar really takes care of their guests, they will share the good times with their friends and everyone else, and word will spread like fire. Patrons will come.


On advice to aspiring hoteliers:

Patience is vital. It pays to be kind and to be more understanding, not knowing what clients and co-workers go through each day. Slow down. Study your guests and the situation. Respond thoughtfully. But always remember: do not react with your emotions.