EastWest, south, north

EastWest Priority expanded this year its “A Spectacle of Prosperity” festivities to reach several key cities around the country and bring the joy and wisdom of the season closer to the bank’s valued clients.

The event series commenced at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC, and will continue to grace cities like Bacolod, Cebu, Dagupan and Davao throughout February.

Each event promises an evening of insightful forecasts and expert guidance led by renowned Feng Shui authority Patrick Lim Fernandez, aimed at empowering the bank’s VIP clients with knowledge to navigate the year ahead, which holds a unique place in the bank’s growing history.

“The beginning of 2024 is not just any other beginning of a year — this year is special. This year, we celebrate a remarkable milestone: 2024 is EastWest’s 30th anniversary, and it marks 30 years of resilience, spirit and, most important, a full commitment and unwavering dedication to supporting all of you in achieving your dreams,”said EastWest CEO Jerry Ngo.

“And we don’t get to 30 years without mastering the services we offer to all of you. The various awards we received last year are a testament to this. Passion, commitment and dedication are all important in serving our customers and our clients successfully, but those values are nothing without the skill, the finesse, and the experience to execute everything you need from us properly.”

EastWest Priority’s commitment to excellence and innovation has consistently been recognized, as evidenced by the numerous accolades awarded to the bank over the past year.

Signifying its strength in wealth management and Priority banking services, EastWest Priority was also recognized by two prestigious award-giving bodies.

International Finance Magazine honored EastWest Priority with the Best Priority Banking Experience award early this year, followed by Global Finance Magazine naming it Best Private Bank for 2024.

These achievements underscore EastWest’s dedication to serving the unique needs of the clients, providing them with unrivaled financial solutions and lifestyle enhancements.

EastWest, founded on the principle of harmonizing Eastern values with Western innovation, has carved a unique niche in the banking industry.