Easter Eggs? You tell me!

Philippine National Artist for Film Kidlat Tahimik

From where I stood on the covered landing of the Manila Hotel, behind its clear closed doors, I was initially perplexed at what I thought I glimpsed upon. Blame it on these weak eyes, not quick enough to capture the entire vista at once, or perhaps the heat creating a mirage playing tricks on me, the unusual images before me seemed an absolute misfit to the world of white portals standing tall, intricate giant Capiz chandeliers cascading from the ceiling, and several potted lush palmeras.

It appeared there were humps and lumps, bumps and chunks right by the majestic entrada of the Grand Dame, which almost horrified me!

I was close to set an alarm to beckon Rachy Cuna, the Manila Hotel’s creative and design director, to come to the rescue. As I gingerly stepped into the once-upon-a-time home to kings and emperors, celebrities and personalities, the initial shock turned into sweeping admiration, for I loved what collectively stood before me!

In a suitable portion of a spacious lobby, there were huge egg-like fiberglass forms, which in the past, took on roles of unexpected canvasses. They have been magically transformed into — you name it, they had it — appealing and alluring, exotic and diverse, serious and whimsical, even innovative installations, all eye-catching, all thought-provoking, from the gifted hands of esteemed artists.

Titled Hatch, this sixth exhibit features the obras of National Artist for Film Kidlat Tahimik, along with other emerging and esteemed creators, all passionate with their own artistic visions and concepts. Even the master of clay and terracotta Julie Lluch, one of the foremost living sculptors of the Philippines, and John Marvin “Yul Servo” Nieto, Manila Vice Mayor, together devoted some precious time to be an appreciative contributor to this highly-selective collection.

The lineup is joined by expressionism exponent Marcel Antonio, printmaker Melai Arguzon, contemporary abstract expressionist Andre Chan, nature-focused Elaine Clemente, floral and abstract expert Katrina Cuenca, pop appropriation artist Sean Go, and sound and emotion visualist Marlon Magbanua.

The roster is completed by assemblagist Glenn Martinez, visual artist and art professor Dennis Montera, artist and writer Bea Policarpio, abstractionist Joel Reglos, artist, poet and model Maxine Syjuco, sculptor Herminio Tan, and children-focused art initiative Smittens founding member Valerie Teng.

Hatch is curated by Rachy Cuna. It is on display at the Grand Lobby of The Manila Hotel until 7 April.