Dr. Rollin Tabuena: A Beacon of Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Rollin Palermo Tabuena, a renowned figure in the field of pulmonary medicine, has carved out a distinguished career with significant contributions to healthcare, particularly in Iloilo City, Philippines.

His unwavering commitment to excellence and transformative impact on the community have earned him the prestigious title of Asia’s Most Distinguished Doctor in Pulmonary Medicine.

Born and raised in Iloilo City, Tabuena pursued his passion for medicine, specializing in pulmonary medicine and internal medicine. His educational journey is as impressive as his professional one, having received training in Interventional Bronchoscopy at Hospital Torette in Ancona, Italy, and post graduate research training at Kyoto School of Medicine, Kyoto University. He completed his Fellowship Training in Pulmonary Medicine at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.

Doctors Rollin and Ma. Daisy Tabuena.

Tabuena’s medical contributions are significant and far-reaching. His specialty lies in the field of interventional bronchoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose lung diseases. His expertise in this area has allowed him to provide exceptional care to his patients and contribute to the advancement of pulmonary medicine.  

DR. Tabuena and his medical team.

One of his notable contributions is his research on the evaluation of loop-mediated isothermal amplification test kits (or TB Lamp) for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. This groundbreaking research introduced a more effective 60-minute test kit in a tertiary hospital in Iloilo City, significantly improving the diagnosis and treatment of this prevalent disease.

DR. Tabuena’s leadership and transformative impact in the communities of Iloilo City have significantly advanced healthcare.

In addition to his medical contributions, Tabuena has also demonstrated true leadership in the community. He has been involved with the Lung Care Foundation of Iloilo, Inc. and PCCP Iloilo Chapter, contributing to research and initiatives to improve lung health in the community. His research on smoking prevalence among Grades 4 to 6 public elementary pupils in Iloilo City reflects his commitment to addressing public health issues at their roots.

Medical mission.

His leadership and transformative impact in the communities of Iloilo City have significantly advanced healthcare, particularly in the field of pulmonary medicine.

The doctor’s accolades are not his alone. Dr. Ma. Daisy P. Tabuena has also been recognized as Asia’s Exceptional Doctor in Neurology. Their family-owned medical company, The Asclepius Corporation, received Asia’s Prolific Allied Medical Services award, further cementing their family’s impact in the medical field. 

Tabuena is a beacon of excellence in the field of pulmonary medicine. His significant contributions to healthcare, leadership and transformative impact on the community have left an indelible mark in Iloilo City and beyond. He is a proud son of Iloilo indeed!