Did ghosts ride with me in a Makati elevator?

Part two

THERE’S a possibility that many more dimensions exist other than the one we are in now.

When I mentioned this strange incident to Helen, the new channel of Ang Suh, that wise spirit entity from the upper fifth dimension, she thought of asking Ang Suh about it. I “met” Ang Suh in 1984. At that time, he was being channeled by another person who has since migrated to the US. I did not think of asking Ang Suh about my experience in the elevator, and I am glad Helen decided to do it through automatic writing.

The answer given by Ang Suh was crystal-clear: I was, indeed, transported momentarily to another dimension or plane of existence that coexists with the physical plane, and those three men were really ghosts, not living beings!

Here is Ang Suh’s remarkable description of what really happened:

“Oh, that experience gave JTL, the Golden One, a glimpse into another dimension or sphere. It was like being temporarily transported to another plane, while he was in his physical body in your plane. You see, all these different planes coexist, but only you are not aware of them. Sometimes, you are given chances to see or be in another reality situation, so that you feel and experience all at the same time.


“Yes, those three men were dead people existing in another dimension already, but since the Akasha bears the records and they have imprints in the Akasha (ether), sometimes people can tap into their records.

“You will ask, how come it happened that moment with JTL? Why this time frame and these people involved? JTL was in a state of suspended motion where, without him knowing it, he was in a different vibratory state affected by the electromagnetic field in the area that was filled with the strong electrical essence of the three. That was the time they died. They did not die together, but at that point in time, they were being beckoned to the light, and JTL’s presence helped in healing, in finding the light.

“JTL doesn’t know his powers and gifts. He was a dead walker in Ancient Egypt and in different dimensions in between this dense plane and other galactic worlds, and so be it now at that moment in this time of his existence. All are connected, and the past, present and the future are simultaneously occurring.

“That was an interesting short experience, oh, Golden One of Osiris!” — Ang Suh

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